Hawker Stalls

Hawker stalls are located throughout Kuala Lumpur, and offer the best in fresh traditional cuisine. Choose from a variety of combinations--anytime, day or night. Hawkers employ a "no-frills" approach, so don't expect napkins; it may be a good idea to bring your own! Depending on the location, you can dine indoors or outdoors.

9 Kopitiam
Located on the second floor at the Central Market in Chinatown. Air conditioned. (1300-22-8688)

8 Bazaar Baru Chow Kit
The Chow Kit Market has so many food choices that you could eat every meal here for weeks and never have the same thing twice. This is a wet market so food is everywhere you turn. In addition to fruit, vegetable, fish and meat stalls inside the building, hawkers congregate outside along the sidewalks.

7 Jalan Masjid India
Little India's hawkers sell mostly Indian foods — curries, tandoori chicken, rotis and other fragrant and flavorful options. Lots of traditional sweets as well. Hours vary - some stalls are open 24 hours.

6 Petaling Street Night Market
Closed to traffic for a few blocks in Chinatown, Petaling Street hosts vendors of every stripe — there are numerous cafes and restaurants in the area, but the hawker stalls have the best food at the lowest prices. Stalls start to set-up from lunch-time onwards.

5 Bangsar Baru Hawker Stall
An open-air food court with all the usual suspects.

4 Saturday Night Market
From early Saturday evening onwards, this market draws a crowd in search of street food, clothing and accessories.

3 Puduraya Food Court
Choose from a variety of traditional Asian foods in a casual, no-frills environment. Extremely affordable. Some stalls remain open during the night.

2 Medan Hang Tuah
A food court situated on the top floor of The Mall (KL's first), where you can sample Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and Western dishes. (03-4042-7122)

1 Jalan Alor Hawker Stalls
One of the best known collections of hawker stalls in town serving mainly Chinese fare, populated by both locals and tourists. Excellent selection, great prices. Some stalls are open before lunch.

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