Historic Sites

Mother Seton House

This traditional Federal-style dwelling was home to the first American-born saint of the Roman Catholic Church. Elizabeth Anne Seton founded a girls school here in 1808 and also established the first sisterhood of nuns in the US. The...  Read More

This is the last of the all-sail, wooden warships built by the US Navy. It was completed in 1854, and is the only Civil War ship still afloat. In the early years, she was part of the US Mediterranean Squadron, then spent a few years plying the...  Read More

Westminister Hall and Burial Ground

In 1796, the Presbyterian Church moved its graves from their original location north of the city to their current home. Unfortunately, they encountered the same problems at the new site – every time it rained, the water table would rise,...  Read More

Fort McHenry National Monument & Historic Shrine
Photo courtesy of RoCK

This patriotic attraction is best known for its role in the writing of our national anthem – Francis Scott Key watched the flag wave above this fort during the 1814 Battle of Baltimore and was moved to write his moving tribute to the Stars and...  Read More

Flag House and Star-Spangled Banner Museum

Everyone knows about how Francis Scott Key wrote our National Anthem while watching the American flag fly during the War of 1812, but few people know the name of the woman who sewed that flag. Her name is Mary Pickersgill, and she made that...  Read More

Edgar Allan Poe House

Edgar Allan Poe, the American master of suspense writing, wrote many of his most famous works while living in this tiny duplex in the heart of Baltimore. Originally built in 1830, the small home was the main residence of Mr. Poe for three years...  Read More

Washington Monument and Mount Vernon Place
Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman

The city of Baltimore was first in the nation to construct a large-scale monument to honor George Washington – Washington Monument and Mount Vernon Park, often referred to as the heart and soul of Baltimore. Designed by Robert Mills, creator...  Read More