Best Baltimore, MD Restaurants

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    10. Beefalo Bob's

    "Pit Beef" -- smoked, thinly sliced beef on a Kaiser roll with raw onion as a garnish is a Baltimore thing -- even Anthony Bourdain said so! But he didn't go to the right place. Many pit beef stands use gas to cook,...

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    9. Pho Towson & Bar

    There are lots of places to get Vietnamese pho in the metro area, but this restaurant does it outstandingly, plus has many more strengths, too. The pho itself is in a rich, well-developed and slow-cooked broth....

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    8. Corner Charcuterie Bar

    This restaurant started as BYOB, while later a charcuterie bar opened around the corner. While both sides now have a liquor license, they still have their distinctions. The Corner definitely requires reservations and...

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    7. Miss Shirley's

    Miss Shirley's -- with 3 metro locations -- is like a psychedelic kaleidoscope take on Southern brunch. Presentations are gloriously over the top and portions are huge. If one savory garnish is great with a Bloody...

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    6. Costas Inn

    Costas Inn has its own take on seasoning for steamed crabs: they don't just throw a bunch of Old Bay and black pepper on them. It has a distinct sweetness to it -- perhaps some toasted onion in there. It's been...

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    5. Pazo Restaurant

    Pazo has had a massive culinary change from Spanish tapas to Southern Italian small plates, but the pumpkin seed crispy snacks are still there! The dishes are as authentic as can be: a mild house-made ricotta timbale...

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    4. Cinghiale

    It's fitting that this Harbor East restaurant is named for the Italian word for "wild boar": it's one of the city's finest places to find nose-to-tail cuisine and wild game, done Northern and Piedmont Italian style....

    Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman
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    3. Aldo's

    Aldo's is considered by far and away the most gourmet restaurant in Baltimore's Little Italy. Family owned, Chef and son Sergio Vitale is a true foodie. He travels the world, checks out different restaurants, sources...

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    2. The Prime Rib

    Washingtonian magazine once had an article about the difficulty of obtaining and aging the finest of meats and it turns out that The Prime Rib has some of the best in the country. Big, thick, juicy and simply...

    Photo courtesy of Tamar Aleia Fleishman
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    1. Antrim 1844 Smokehouse restaurant

    The finest dining experience in the Baltimore metro region is without question Taneytown's Antrim 1844 Smokehouse. Pulling up to the historic plantation mansion, every aspect is special. Dinner guests spend a half...

    Photo courtesy of Tamar Alexia Fleishman

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About Baltimore, MD Restaurants

Thanks to hit movies and television shows, people are more fascinated by Baltimore than ever. One of the East Coast's great cities and an hour from the DC, Baltimore has a laid-back vibe. Here, people of all stripes enjoy the simple pleasures of a juicy pit beef sandwich, rich locally made ice cream, famous crab cakes.

Baltimore has authentic ethnic restaurants representing many countries, including Italy, France, Korea, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Greece, India and more.

The city also has restaurants to satisfy any mood and budget: food trucks, bistros, cutting edge gastropubs, steakhouses and fine dining all have excellent representation in the city.

This is also a great city to gather things to make it yourself: there are fabulous indoor markets, farmers markets, ethnic grocery stores, independent groceries with coveted prepared foods, butchers, bakeries, coffee roasters and dairy products.

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