10 Best Lunch Spots in Baltimore: Serious Business From Mile-High Sandwiches To Succulent Crab Cakes

Tawanna Browne Smith

By , Travel Expert at Large, Baltimore
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You can get just about anything you want for lunch in Baltimore that you can get for dinner, whether it be a sit-down meal, buffet, or grab-n-go. Places like Lexington Market house counter-stops like Faidley's, famous for their crab cakes - good to eat just about anytime of the day - and sandwich shops like Mary Mervis' deli, fixing up over-sized sandwiches worthy of a "To Be Continued" sign. With over 23 carry out shops and 11 delis, on top of the seafood, fried chicken and international fare food vendors, Lexington Market has dozens of options for you to grab a quick bite to eat, depending on your lunch time fancy.

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