10Best Itinerary: What to Do on a Rainy Day in Boston

Dine, shop, and be entertained while keeping dry

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The Hall — Photo courtesy of Patriot Place, the HallA rainy day does not have to be gloomy, especially in Boston where the changing seasons create chaos for outdoor plans on a regular basis. Thanks to the unpredictable weather, activity options are endless when it comes to things to do indoors. A forty-minute car ride out of the downtown area will bring you to Patriot Place in Foxboro.

Patriot Place may be an outdoor mall, but there are many indoor activities to keep you dry. A focus on dining, shopping, and entertainment combine to create a haven that the whole family can enjoy on a rainy day.

Start with a tour of The Hall at Patriot Place. This modern museum provides interactive experiences for sports fans of all ages, and gives a nod to the past, present, and future of New England football. Open seven days a week, this $10 ticket will fulfill a sports fan's fantasy. 

After your time at The Hall is done, stomp through the puddles to one of the restaurants housed on-site: CBS Scene.  TVs, playing a constant stream of games, hang throughout so you don't miss a minute of the action; it’s a sports fanatic’s dream.  A good place to relax over a beer and better-than-average pub fare make CBS Scene a good place to pop in for a basic meal.

Seafood lovers will flip for Skipjack's. A menu filled with New England favorites is made better with the addition of exceptional sushi. Or make it a quick bite and get a taste of fast food at Qudoba or Five Guys.

Once you're belly is full, take the short walk to 5 Wits where you step out of your own skin and take on the identity of someone else. Featuring different interactive adventure options, 5 Wits brings a virtual escapade to life. For example, their spy thriller “Espionage” will allow you to become a secret agent (for at least an hour).

In this adventure, you and your team will be sent on a mission to keep military secrets from entering the wrong hands. You must unravel the plot while being taken on a journey that seems nothing but real. From the set design to the special effects, you’ll feel like the spy you're pretending to be. Crack safes, hack computers and maneuver through laser fields to complete your mission. Every move you make affects what happens next, so the adventure is never the same. 

Espionage — Photo courtesy of 5 Wits - Espionage

After your 5 Wits adventure ends, take a break at Showcase Cinema De Lux. Just catch a flick, or add dinner and a drink in the Lux Level, where food and beverages are delivered to your extra large, extra comfortable movie seats. It’s a great way to get out of the rain and see a flick in style.

If that's not enough for one day, make a final stop at any of the Patriot Place restaurants for a drink. Bar Louis is one of the more fun places to top off your day with a finely-crafted cocktail. So, pull on your galoshes and make your way to Foxboro's Patriot Place for more fun than you ever thought you'd have on a rainy day.

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