Roof Deck, Waterfront, and Whiskey at Whiskey Priest

What more could you want in a bar?

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Whiskey Priest is the kind of place you want to visit. Not just because it serves great drinks, lives up to its name (they have quite the selection of whiskey) or provides a quality selection of bar food, but also because it sits next to Boston Harbor and has a roof deck that Boston natives dream of during long, cold winters.

Whiskey Priest's dark modern interior (perfect on a chilly day) is counterbalanced by the airy roof deck that lets you drink and dream when the weather warms. Often crowded, this popular hangout draws a large "after-work" crowd as well as a line of late night enthusiasts looking to have a good time.

The bar — Photo courtesy of Whiskey Priest

Set in the popular Seaport District, it is the perfect stop when making your way to dinner at one of the many fine dining establishments in the neighborhood, or after an elegant meal for a low-key drink at the end of the night.

Whiskey Priest also serves pretty decent food, specializing in bar favorites like sandwiches, burgers, and fish and chips.  It's a place that you come to for a drink, but you stay for a meal.  However, the the real attraction lies in the drinks, the waterfront location with windows that let you look onto the water, and the seasonal roof deck. 

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Jessica loves the warm weather and finds any excuse to be outside. especially while enjoying a good whiskey drink. You can occasionally find her on the roof deck of Whiskey Priest sipping away while soaking in the scenery. 

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