Boston's Best Dance Clubs: Where to Get Your Groove On

Jessica Polizzotti

By , Local Expert, Boston
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The Boston dance club scene blends the high energy you'd expect from a nightclub with the refined elegance of an upscale lounge. Dance the night away at the 10best Boston dance clubs.

Speckled through the city, you'll find dance clubs that will fit your mood. From the theater district and its selection of popular spots that often have long lines from early in the evening until closing, to those near Fenway that draw a crowd as varied as the music played inside. 

DJ's spinning tunes at Venu get the party going with a mix of old school rap, hip-hop, and latin music that draws a beautiful crowd of fun loving twenty somethings...  Read more »

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    Rumor's sexy vibe translates into sexy attendees; making it an ideal spot to dance.

    Local Expert Tip: "Check their website to put yourself on the guest list and ensure entry before 11pm."

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    Underbar has an amazing sound system and is one of the best spots for Electronic dance music.

    Local Expert Tip: "Pop in for Electronic Saturdays when those who love the scene flock to Underbar."

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    Cure Lounge

    Cure has a playful vibe that draws people to the dance floor.

    Local Expert Tip: "For table reservations, get in touch with Cure staff as they go quickly."

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    Bijou NIghtclub & Lounge

    Known as a hot spot by locals who love to dance, Bijou offers a variety of settings for fun.

    Local Expert Tip: "Arrive early and beat the crowds to find yourself a spot among the beautiful people."

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    Tunnel is a cool spot for fashionable folk to dance the night away to hot tunes.

    Local Expert Tip: "Tunnel offers a cool mix of tunes and an all but hidden entrance- look for the frosted windows."

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    The Estate

    The Estate is popular with the 20 something crowd and offers a high energy, mainstream environment to dance the night away.

    Local Expert Tip: "Lines get LONG. Don't arrive too late."

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    Royale is a nightclub that is known for wild dance parties allowing you to let loose.

    Local Expert Tip: "Buy tickets to big nights on-line, save a few bucks and skip the line."

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    Venu draws a sexy crowd looking to have a good time. Making it a great spot to dress your best and bust a move.

    Local Expert Tip: "If it's a particularly busy night, getting past the door can be quite a feat, so make sure you dress well and act like you belong inside those well guarded doors."

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    House of Blues

    The House of Blues is a more casual venue with a variety of musical options to get you on the dance floor.

    Local Expert Tip: "The House of Blues often sells tickets to shows, check before going to ensure you can get in."

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    Machine Nightclub

    Machine is a gay club that's a fun place to dance without judgement.

    Local Expert Tip: "Machine offers specialty nights pretty much every night including karaoke on Thursdays."



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