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About North End

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Once the home of many Italian American immigrants, who could not wait to move out, the North End is now one of the more sought after places to live in Boston.

Although many true Italians have moved on, the spirit of Italy still permeates this small section of the city. From authentic Italian markets and eateries to amazing bakeries and fun-filled feasts, the North End maintains the cobblestone charm that makes visitors feel they have stepped back in time. 

The influence of the hip, young crowd of residents has not gone unnoticed. High-end boutiques have replaced defunct Italian joints, and the language of Italy gets harder to hear with every visit. 

See & Do

For a mere $3.00 you can take a glance at the home of the famous Patriot, Paul Revere. His midnight ride made history when riding on horseback this silversmith announced to all that, "the British are coming". Preserved with Colonial artifacts, some that Revere himself crafted, a visitor easily can get a taste of life in the late 1700's.


Of all the Italian eateries in the North End, one caters to romance better than the rest-Mamma Maria. Romance fills the air, even outside Mamma Maria Restaurant. Starting with the walk along the cobblestone streets, your entry into Mamma Maria has you longing for love. The interior is decorated with crisp linens and the knowledgeable waitstaff do not rush diners. There is one thing you will not get while eating here, an excess of red sauce. This Italian eatery serves succulent seafood, mouth-watering meat and light appetizers with just a touch of the red tossed in. 


Of the bars that dot the North End’s landscape, The Living Room, located across from the waterfront is one place you shouldn't miss. The Living Room offers not only a great place to drink, but also dancing and a laid-back lounge atmosphere. Dim lighting, a dance floor and even comfy couches provide an array of options for your after dinner plans. 


The Fairmont Hotel Battery Wharf, Boston is located on the water, and offering water taxis to and from the airport, your arrival and departure could overshadow your stay. However that would be difficult as the Fairmont Battery Wharf is a really nice place to rest your head. Looking to make your stay even better? Upgrade to the Gold Building and get a private lounge and full service concierge.


The North End has its fill of tourist type t-shirt shops. For those looking for something a little more wearer-friendly, the North End has a collection of boutiques that are sure to please. In-jean-ius specializes in a creating a personal jean shopping experience for women. Making it the perfect place to find your perfect fit.