10 Best Boston Japanese Restaurants Make it Easy to Curb Your Craving For Sushi, Hibachi, Ramen, Yakitori and Shabu Shabu

Jessica Polizzotti

By , Local Expert, Boston
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Boston has seen an influx in Japanese restaurants many that offer raw fish that meets even the highest standards; those that are casual, some that are among the fanciest restaurants in all of Boston, and others that skip the sushi in favor of offering a different take on Japanese. All ranging in price, varying in style but all sharing the common thread of serving the best Japanese to be found in Boston. 

If you're craving an upscale experience but really want some of the best sushi you can find you'll find that the Eliot Hotel's hot spot Uni fits the bill. Helmed by famed chef, Ken Oringer. Not only does Uni do sushi right,...  Read more »

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    Fugakyu serves moderately priced, sensational sushi and Japanese dishes at the sushi bar, in a tatami room, private booth or at a table.

    Local Expert Tip: "Those who enjoy creative takes on traditional maki will fall in love with Fugakyu. Topping the list are the Ebi Mango Maki, BJ Maki and the Oyster Tempura Maki."

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    Uni Sashimi Bar

    • Cuisine: Sushi
    • Average Main Course Price: $15
    • Neighborhood: Back Bay

    Uni's a leader in over the top Sushi. And their late-night ramen rocks the local noodle scene; and ideal for enjoying Uni on the cheap.

    Local Expert Tip: "Dive into Uni's sushi with abandon! Briny sensations are balanced with hints of spicy and sweet to create near perfect sushi offerings-changing often. "

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    O Ya

    O Ya is one of the top Japanese restaurants in Boston with prices to reflect their greatness. Dive into Japanese fare in their upscale setting.

    Local Expert Tip: "The menu changes often to reflect the finest ingredients available. To make the most of your experience at O Ya, try the Omakase (chef's tasting menu), which will allow you a great overview of their menu. "

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    Serving up some of the freshest, most flavorful sushi around, Misono thinks outside the box with their...  Read more »

    Local Expert Tip: "Dive into the Dragon Ball- a literal ball of spicy tuna mixed with tempura flakes to lend the ideal amount of crunch and then topped with an entire avocado, drizzled with a sweet and salty sauce and served with taro."

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    Q Restaurant

    Q's social setting is ideal for a hot pot style meal; and their Chinese, Thai and Sushi options can satisfy any Asian craving.

    Local Expert Tip: "The hot pot is a must, but sushi lovers will flip for the Red Sox Roll-spicy tuna, tempura and cucumber topped with tuna, fried taro and a spicy sauce- ideal for an appetizer. "

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    Yakitori Zai

    Real deal Japanese includuing Yakatori and Ramen are served as very small portions in a hip urban setting.

    Local Expert Tip: "A sampling of everything is must, and with very small portions a necessity to fill up: a few fan favorites: yaki onigri and sanshoku don, & tonkotsu ramen."

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    Authentic Japanese food prepared without alteration for the American palate at excellent prices makes Shiki special.

    Local Expert Tip: "The service is not as good as the food, be paitient and you'll be rewarded by specialties like the meaty hamachi kama, and sanshoku soba noodles in a divine sweet/salty broth. "

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    Moksa offers diners the chance to enjoy small bites of Japanese delights, including exceptional sushi ideal for sharing.

    Local Expert Tip: "Share a few noodle dishes, as these are tops at Moksa. And don't miss the Japanese meatball, the perfect balance of savory and sweet."

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    Oishii is a small sushi bar with limited seating that is unrivaled. Small in size, and big on value, Oishii's known for quality.

    Local Expert Tip: "Take out is often easier than waiting for a seat, and the quality of the take out is equal to eating in. They may have the best spicy tuna roll in Boston."

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    • Cuisine: Asian, Japanese
    • Average Main Course Price: $23
    • Neighborhood: Outside the City

    A seat at Samba's hibachi grill is the perfect place for a family, couple or group to enjoy a Japanese meal.

    Local Expert Tip: "A sushi appetizer and a hibachi selection make for a wonderful Japanese meal. Families love dining here on Sundays when entertainment is provided and kids eat free. "



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