Boston Clothing Stores: You Won't Find These at the Local Mall

Jessica Polizzotti

By , Local Expert, Boston
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Shopping for new clothes can be fun or pure torture. Hours can be spent within the confines of the walls of Boston malls, searching, diligently, for the right thing to suit your needs, sifting through endless piles and racks of clothes made for someone who is not you, after which you may find a few pieces you like a little but worry you may see on your best friend. Make it fun! With just a little before you head out, and the streets of Boston, well armed with the knowledge of which stores sell unique attire that can't be found just anywhere and places that reflect your personal style. 10best has compiled the best of the best...  Read more »

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    Daniela Corte

    Daniela Corte makes high fashion wearable for the average woman, and their sales make it affordable.

    Local Expert Tip: "Check out the leggings bar and if you don't see what you want they will make it for you."

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    No Rest for Bridget

    No Rest for Bridget sells trendy cloths at reasonable prices on fashionable Newbury Street.

    Local Expert Tip: "No Rest for Bridget is offering 10Best readers a 10% discount for the month of May. Just mention "10Best Discount" and enjoy a savings on your clothing and accessory purchases until May 31, 2013. "

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    Guys get stylish attire without feeling out of their element at Uniform.

    Local Expert Tip: "Uniform's variety of designers will allow you to choose your style."

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    Louis Boston

    The quintessential high end clothing store on the Boston waterfront give Louis a leg up on the competition in high fashion.

    Local Expert Tip: "Shop at Louis, eat at Sam's and make an appointment at Salon Mario Russo for a pampered day in one location."

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    A boutique filled with many popular designer fashions sets Wish apart from more specialized peers.

    Local Expert Tip: "Wish is a small boutique worth a look fro something special. You will spend a little more, but you'll be assisted by very helpful sales associates, and your outfit will be unique. "

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    Turtle is the place to discover talented emerging designers who are not in every store; ensuring you'll be wearing something a bit different.

    Local Expert Tip: "Turtle's inventory changes often and much of it can be hard to find elsewhere. Don't put off buying something you love as it may not be there the next time you stop in."

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    The Garment District

    The Garment District sells vintage clothing at ultra low prices; bottoming out at $1.50/lb in select bins; you won't find a better deal in Boston.

    Local Expert Tip: "Vintage finds of all kinds at this "pay by the pound" alternative department store draw return visits from locals. Take the time to sort through the bins and be rewarded with vintage greatness. "

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    Mint Julep

    Mint Julep is a boutique that won't totally break the bank. Filled with high end designer merchandise, each piece is hand selected to stand out.

    Local Expert Tip: "Mint Julep has 2 locations-Brookline and Harvard Square, both are fun places to find great fashions. "

  • 9

    Lucy's League

    Selling Boston sports attire for the modern woman, Lucy's League allows you to buy cute souvenirs for the female fan.

    Local Expert Tip: "Lucy's League offers special deals to their Facebook follower, with no on line option for shopping, you must go into the store to redeem these deals."

  • 10

    Just a Little Something

    One of the few boutiques where you get personalized styling from the owner himself.

    Local Expert Tip: "Owner, PJ Terranova is an expert stylist. Ask for his assistance to ensure you walk out looking your best."



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