Boston Clothing Stores: You Won't Find These at the Local Mall

Shopping for new clothes can be fun or pure torture. Hours can be spent within the confines of the walls of Boston malls, searching, diligently, for the right thing to suit your needs, sifting through endless piles and racks of clothes made for someone who is not you, after which you may find a few pieces you like a little but worry you may see on your best friend. Make it fun! With just a little before you head out, and the streets of Boston, well armed with the knowledge of which stores sell unique attire that can't be found just anywhere and places that reflect your personal style. 10best has compiled the best of the best in clothing in the Boston area to help you in your search for shopping nirvana.  Many offer a combination of great clothes and personal service, are smaller shops with few or often only one location, and they range in price from true value resale stores like the Garment District to ultra high end, high fashion spots filled with attire for men or women like Louis Boston to reasonably priced fashionable Newbury Street boutiques like No Rest For Bridget. Take a look at the list and you are sure to find at least one store to suit your fancy, but be warned you want to shop at all; and leave with heaping bags filled with Just a Little Something.

10 Just a Little Something
In need of new designer duds that you won't find on your best bud? Head to Just a Little Something. Owned and operated by PJ Terranova, Just a Little Something is THE place for the trendsetter to shop. Often introducing name brands to the area (one of the first places around to carry Yoga Jeans), this is a great place to buy something you won't see on everyone else. Beyond the amazing women's attire contained inside, Just a Little Something holds a little something for everyone. From kids clothes to his clothes, handbags, to home decor Just a Little Something always has just a little something more. ((508) 698-8700)

9 Lucy's League
Lucy's League is a female sports fan's fantasy! Filled with sports attire that actually has style, Lucy's League is a must when buying for the lady who loves her team! With a focus on Boston, Lucy's League carries a range of attire that works for all seasons (Red Sox bikini anyone?). From sexy tanks to preppy tailored sweatshirts, you can subtly or bluntly show support of your team without lacking style. Located in Faneuil Hall you can easily disguise a shopping trip as sightseeing and sneak away to try on the fun clothes found within the walls of the Lucy's League Store. ((617) 248-3986)

8 Mint Julep
Mint Julep is a Brookline and Harvard Square specialty clothing retailer packed with high end fashions that are somewhat affordable. Specializing in women's clothing, accessories, and handbags, you'll be able to find a complete outfit that will be the envy of all of your friends within its walls. Savvy fashion seekers find themselves returning to Mint Julep time and time again to purchase that special something, be it a new bag, or entire ensemble. The sales associates are quite helpful and will assist in finding you the perfect fit. One thing is fro sure, you'll find it hard to leave empty handed. ((617) 232-3600)

7 The Garment District
Featuring vintage and contemporary clothing, the Garment District labels itself as an "alternative department store" and has been in this Kendall Square location for well over a decade. The store sells vintage men's and women's clothing for a dollar-a-pound. The Garment District has developed a cult following in the Boston area. They also have a decent selection of music, party, and pop culture accessories. Adorable finds mix in with T's you'll love with jeans, and with the prices so low, you'll be able to stock up.. Over 40,000 pieces of clothing are here on any given day so if it's the retro look you're after, you're sure to find it here. (617-876-5230)

6 Turtle
Turtle is a specialty shop like no other. Located in Boston's bustling Newbury Street, where fashion lines the streets, Turtle sets itself apart. Always on the lookout for up and coming design talent to feature on their neatly stocked shelves, Turtle casts its net far and wide to bring the best of what these designers have to offer to the streets of Boston. Locals love that they're bound to find something special and different on every visit. And everyone loves the comfortable vibe Turtle presents to its clients. You'll be impressed by the high style items you'll find while shopping at Turtle. (617-266-2610)

5 Wish
Wish boutique has been offering the women of a Boston a unique, fashionable shopping spot on Beacon Hill's popular Charles Street for years. Wish fills its racks with the popular designers you know and love, like Trina Turk, Theory, Joie, and Nicole Miller, Velvet, AG and Hudson. Stocking its shelves with only the best of the best that these designers have to offer each and every season. Small in scale, it is frequent quick stop for local ladies looking for something special that won't be seen on everyone else. Neat and orderly, you can easily peruse the shelves lined with gorgeous finds. (617-227-4441)

4 Louis Boston
Louis Boston is the place to shop for high end designer attire to outfit both fashionable men and women. Their accessories, as well as merchandise is designed by true rising stars in the fashion world. Shopping here is like stepping into a scene from a movie. The service is impeccable; staffed with those who know style, you can typically not only find the right fit but also learn a bit about each piece you choose and even the designer who created it. The open, airy, chic space eliminates the crowded feeling many small stores and large discount shops create, making perusing the shelves a simple task. ((617) 262-6100)

3 Uniform
At Uniform you can find a selection of menswear, accessories and even skincare that is second to none. Reminding you that shopping for men's clothing can be fun. In fact, at Uniform you will find anything but run of the mill menswear, and anything but run of the mill sales personnel. Instead, you'll find clothes that look as good on you as they do on the racks without making you feel too "dressed", and help that really does help. With brands ranging from Original Penguin to Diesel you're sure to find the perfect fit in style and size for your casual contemporary wear at Uniform. (617-247-2360)

2 No Rest for Bridget
The Newbury Street location of California based chain, No Rest for Bridget, offers the modern woman current trends at reasonable prices. On the lower end of Newbury (close to MA Ave) on the lower level of one of Newbury's gorgeous shop filled brownstones you'll find dresses, skirts, pants, tops and even accessories at prices that will allow you to fill more than one shopping bag with without feeling like you've spent too much. The staff is friendly and helpful and fashionable themselves, ensuring that you'll find entire outfits that fit your personality. Best of all No Rest for Bridget's styles are suitable for women from their late teens- their 40's and possibly beyond. allowing you to be trendy at work or play. (617.236.5650)

1 Daniela Corte
Daniela Corte's below street level Newbury location could easily be overlooked, but then you'd be missing out. This designer creates wearable fashions that women are sure to fall in love with and men are sure to love you in. Her fabrics are supple and of the highest quality, and in line with current trends, but they are also comfortable and fit the average woman. Her leggings bar is lined with stylish renditions of traditional leggings with special touches like faux leather or lace, and can be made especially to fit you. The high prices are expected for the high end fashions, but Daniela Corte has great sales that significantly slash the price tags and make Daniela's stunning designs affordable for all.

Born and raised in Boston, Jessica knows her city like the back of her hand.  Always looking to uncover something new, Jessica keeps up on the latest and greatest Boston offerings.  Although Jessica has been a world traveler since her teens, her favorite trip may always be her Italian honeymoon.  Living in a city that allows her to experience a change in seasons equals an opportunity to enjoy a shift in activities. As the old New England cliché says, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” 

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