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About Somerville

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Somerville is a hot spot for those who like to be part of an off-beat culture. This city, just north of Boston, feels like and extension of Boston. With streets lined with eclectic stores, spectacular restaurants, and drinking establishments, you can be certain you'll have find something new in Somerville.

See & Do

Sometimes you just want to bowl. For those times, head to Sacco's Bowl Haven in Somerville. Sacco's in Somerville has a laid back vibe that is welcoming to the most novice of bowlers. Sacco's is no high end bowling joint, with fancy lighting and high end furniture, instead it is a traditional bowling alley with authentic New England charm, where everyone form college students to kids congregate for Candlepin fun.


Walk through any of Somerville's Squares and you'll find more excellent places to eat than you ever imagined. Somerville's dining scene has flourished making it one of the most popular dining destinations near Boston. Favorites include BBQ joint Redbones, as well as the seasonal local tasting joint Journeyman, and Tapas mainstay Dali. Somerville has every kind of cuisine you could imagine, so take a walk down any street and you're sure to find a winning pick. 

Somerville's Best Restaurants


When what you're after is a perfectly poured pint at a welcoming neighborhood pub, Somerville is the place for you. Filled with laid back bars where locals are friendly, casually dressed and typically up for a chat, you'll feel at home in any of Somerville's pubs. The Burren, Thirsty Scholar and Joshua Tree are three that often have live music and mix a mean drink.  


Staying just outside of Boston, in neighboring Somerville could save you some serious dough to spend on Somerville's streets. The Holiday Inn Boston-Somerville is one such hotel that offers s good place to sleep, and is just 2 miles from downtown Boston. Close to all you'll want to do, this is an easy, inexpensive option for those looking to stay in Somerville.


Somerville is broken up into Squares and every Square has stores lining their streets. Most are local, independent retailers operating just one store filled with unusual items. Somerville's Davis Square is home to many such stores like Davis Squared, and one of the best Consignment Stores in the Boston area-Poor Little Rich Girl