Land's End Watering Holes: 10 Best Bars in Cabo San Lucas

Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas has several different settings, from high-energy dance clubs to laid-back cantinas. Even the word nightlife is something of a misnomer, since many beachside hangouts draw large crowds in the afternoon, and generous happy hour specials are a feature of most downtown drinking establishments. Nonetheless, good old-fashioned bars — lively and welcoming watering holes with honest drinks and good-time music — are relatively easy to find.

One of the easiest ways to gauge the quality of area establishments is by counting the number of expats and local types holding down bar front real estate. Tourist Corridor landmark Latitude 22+ Roadhouse is the area’s signature stop for residents and long-time visitors, thanks to its old-school atmosphere, downhome menus, and amazing barstool vantages of Land’s End.

Cabo Wabo and Giggling Marlin remain two of the top time-tested stops in Cabo San Lucas. Both have been around for more than 20 years, but still consistently pull in the crowds with live entertainment and late night revelry. Beer lovers, meanwhile, will find it hard to resist Baja Brewing Company, which serves up fine food and the best suds in Baja California Sur at three area locations.

Cabo Lounge, for years the preferred locals’ bar in downtown Cabo San Lucas, is currently closed following the untimely passing of beloved owner Juan Tatemura. However, it is hoped that the bar will reopen again in the near future.

Cabo Blue
Owners Scott and Amanda Osborne have helped turn the former Blue Jungle into one of the more popular downtown bars, fusing great pub-style food and eclectic music to create a thriving late night party atmosphere in their courtyard location at Plaza Real (right next door to Happy Ending). The music varies throughout the day, with country music during the afternoon, hard rock in the evening, and dance music late night. The crowds are generally going strong well after midnight, and there is a hard rocking house band that plays four nights a week. But perhaps the best thing about Cabo Blue is that the bar not only draw hordes of tourists, but has also become popular with the local crowd via competitive prices and daily specials. The pub grub is very good, particularly the fish tacos. ((624) 143-7323)

Giggling Marlin
Welcome to one of the oldest and liveliest bars in Cabo San Lucas. Giggling Marlin is still a Spring Break mecca, and although it is not as popular as it once was, the place still retains an esteemed place on the party circuit. Things get crazy here after midnight, with jello shots and people being voluntarily hung upside down on a fish scale (getting their pictures taken for the "well-hung" club). But by day or night, this is a good spot to stop for something to eat. The menu is simple but good, with many affordable options. Breakfast offerings run to breakfast burritos and huevos rancheros, while all-day options include tamales, enchiladas and chile rellenos. (624-143-0606)

Happy Ending
This place has a loyal clientele, and it's easy to see why. Their ongoing offer of two beers and two tequila shots for five dollars remains the best deal in town. Unlike many bars in Cabo San Lucas, which don't really hit their stride until after midnight, Happy Ending is a perfect spot to while away the afternoons and early evening hours, as well as a congenial stop for happy hour. The sound system plays rock and country standards, their televisions show all the latest sporting events, and there is plenty of shaded seating. And don't forget the bar menu, and the area's best souvenir t-shirts. Free phone calls to the U.S. and Canada is another added benefit. ((624) 143-0707)

Jungle Bar
Jungle Bar has never quite been the same as it was during the heyday of Strogeno, when lead singer Monster and the boys would kick out the jams four nights a week - in two languages - and the crowds would spill far out onto the sidewalks. But this is still a popular hangout for night owls who want to avoid the disco/DJ scene, those who don't want to feel out of place in their ripped jeans and concert shirts, or need a place to wash out the road dust after stabling their Harley. Sports are shown on the high-def televisions, but the sound is turned down whenever there's a good band playing, which still happens on a regular basis. Thursday is ladies' night. ((624) 143-7401)

Nowhere Bar
Nowhere is exactly where you want to be. That's the motto of the bar, and it's often true, particularly on Tuesdays, when Nowhere Bar hosts the best ladies' night in Cabo San Lucas. Ladies drink for free from 8-10 p.m., and single men might also want to take note, although they'll have to pay for their drinks. The DJs are great, not only on Tuesdays, but just about every night, and the location is fantastic - on the Marina at Plaza Bonita - with great views of the pleasure yachts and fishing boats. People watching is also a popular pastime here, as you can watch the world go by along the scenic marina boardwalk. (624-143-4493)

Tanga Tanga
Tanga Tanga is a favorite of locals, and a great place to hang out if you want to end up in a conversation with a grizzled charter boat captain or jewelry store owner. It's located at the Plaza de la Danza near Nick-San and the Tesoro Los Cabos resort, and features plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Live music is a semi-regular occurrence, and this is one of the more popular places in Cabo San Lucas to watch live sporting events. The bar draws big crowds for hockey, football, basketball, and soccer matches from around the world. The outdoor section features umbrella-shaded tables, and offers prime people watching along Marina Boulevard. Pub-style food is available from the onsite kitchen, and the nearby deli Tio Guido's will happily deliver to your barstool. ((624) 144-1504)

Baja Brewing Company
Baja California Sur's first brewery now has three locations - the original in San José del Cabo, a roof-top spot on the ninth floor of Cabo Villas on Médano Beach, and on the Cabo San Lucas Marina at Puerto Paraíso - all of which have proved exceedingly popular with tourists and locals alike. Fine food is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with menu options ranging from hamburgers and gourmet pizzas to filet mignon and other high-end entrées. The beers are excellent, either in a bottle or on tap, and you can order flights of the draft beer to get a sense of their offerings. If you can only visit one of their locations, check out the roof-top location at Cabo Villas, which offers excellent views of Médano Beach and Land's End. ((624) 143-9199)

Cerritos Beach Club & Surf
Cerritos Beach Club & Surf is the perfect place on the planet on Sunday afternoons: jazz on the beach on a plywood stage, with surfers dropping into perfect barrels directly behind the band; 2009 Los Angeles Music Critics Circle award winner Diego Ramirez on keyboard, with statuesque San Francisco jazz singer Daline Jones providing the most positive and tranquilo vibes imaginable. Few tourists make it this far. Those that do enjoy some of the finest seafood Baja has to offer. The combo platters are a preferred sharing option, but the menu has plenty to choose from, including comfort food faves like burgers and fries. The scene here is well worth the drive. Longboard and boogie board rentals are available for active types. ((624) 143-4851)

Cabo Wabo Cantina
The city's best known nightspot has seen a lot of growth in the last twenty-five years, in Cabo San Lucas and in its business, which has now spun off a tequila brand and several U.S. locations. The bar was started by former Van Halen and Montrose frontman Sammy Hagar, and over time has become a mandatory stop for just about every tourist, and famous musician, who comes to town. Cabo Wabo offers great live music, a pumping sound system, plus quality food and drinks. The cantina menu offers a lot of shrimps and ceviches, with the patio grill menu leaning towards burgers, wings and chicken fingers. (624-143-1901)

Latitude 22+ Roadhouse
The walls of Latitude 22+ are a Los Cabos history lesson, filled with old photos of enormous catches and fishing contests, prominent local personages, and even life preservers from notable area vessels. The place comes by its nautical aspect honestly - owner Mike Grzanich first came to Cabo San Lucas on a tuna boat in 1959 - but also serves as a treasure trove for license plates and other souvenirs left by visitors over the years. The bar is one-of-a-kind, with gorgeous Land's End views available from your barstool, and old-fashioned booths in the back offer privacy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rib-sticking pleasures range from white sausage gravy slathered Croatian Eggs Benedick to chicken fried steak, rib-eye steak and pot roast. Piano player Peter Bacon is a big draw during the high season. ((624) 143-1516)

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Cabo Blue 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar, Late Night / After Hours
Neighborhood: Downtown
Happy Ending 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar
Neighborhood: Downtown
Jungle Bar 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar, Dance Club, Nightlife District
Neighborhood: Downtown
Nowhere Bar 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar
Neighborhood: Marina
Tanga Tanga 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar
Neighborhood: Marina
Baja Brewing Company 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar, Brew Pub
Neighborhood: Medano Beach
Cerritos Beach Club & Surf 10Best List Arrow
Type: Beach Bar, Live Music
Neighborhood: Outside the city
Cabo Wabo Cantina 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar, Dance Club, Live Music
Neighborhood: Cabo San Lucas
Latitude 22+ Roadhouse 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar, Sports Bar
Neighborhood: Corridor
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