Down-Home Dining: 10 Best Homestyle Restaurants in Los Cabos

Homestyle dining is a bit different south of the border, although visitors to Baja California Sur will find that downhome U.S. favorites like barbecue ribs, fried chicken and pork chops are easy to find. One of the locals' favorite restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, Pollo de Oro, serves up delicious chicken and ribs combo platters, and La Casa Country on the Marina is a mecca for those seeking meaty entrees like rib-eye steaks and BBQ baby back ribs.

Despite the presence of these familiar comfort food favorites, however, homestyle dining in Los Cabos is much more likely to mean chile rellenos and chicken mole rather than roast beef and chicken pot pie. Traditional Mexican dishes are the menu staples at many of the area's best homestyle restaurants, and the unpretentious food and fine, if informal service at these eateries is often accompanied by traditional Mexican music.

Campestre and El Torito headline the list of homestyle havens for Mexican food in Cabo San Lucas. The former features filling multicourse afternoon “comida corrida” specials, while the latter boasts a bevy of delicious, budget-friendly seafood dishes. Miguel's in Todos Santos, meanwhile, is a mandatory stop for lovers of chile rellenos. The décor may not impress, but their signature menu offerings, stuffed with shrimp or scallops, most certainly will.

El Coral is the oldest restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, and has been around since the days before the Marina was dredged. Although the restaurant was devastated by Hurricane Odile in 2014, it has fully recovered and is once again dishing up...  Read More

Tim Galluzzo may as well be mayor of Calle Emiliano Zapata, with three restaurants located on one block of the downtown street: Italian eateries Salvatore's and Pasta Works, and comfort food purveyor Sammy G's. The latter is ostensibly a...  Read More

Beloved by locals and tourists alike for its laid-back beachfront atmosphere, Zipper's offers excellent comfort food and easy access to some of the area's best surf breaks. Set on Costa Azul Beach - site of the annual 6-star ASP sanctioned Los...  Read More

Tio Guido's recently opened in the Plaza de la Danza, and specializes in hoagies, cheesesteaks, reubens and other traditional deli style favorites. Enjoy bratwurst, kielbasa and sauerkraut dogs, or sandwiches with corned beef or pastrami. The...  Read More

Miguel's chile rellenos may not be the best in all of the Baja California peninsula, as an enthusiastic reviewer from the New York Times once claimed, but they are amazing. The stuffed chiles - available with lobster, shrimp, cheese and in...  Read More

La Casa Country started in Mazatlán, and has since opened an additional location on the Marina in Cabo San Lucas, where diners can enjoy downhome Mexican and American comfort food favorites while watching fishermen weigh their catches, wave...  Read More

Palomar Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Michael Kull

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Campestre is a bit off the beaten tourist track, and can be a bit difficult to find without a local tour guide or taxi service. Despite its out-of-the way location, however, this is one of the finest purveyors of traditional Mexican food in Cabo...  Read More

This place is a bit off the beaten tourist track, but it's a favorite of locals, and a popular spot for family dinners and celebrations. The menu features great ceviches, fish tacos, and other seafood specialties, with the pescado zarandeado...  Read More

El Pollo de Oro is the best comfort stood stop in Cabo San Lucas, and does a booming business with both locals and tourists. The place has been around forever, at least by Los Cabos standards, and long-time visitors may remember its previous...  Read More


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