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Restaurants near Cruise Port: The Mayans served chocolate drinks during important religious events and offered cacao seeds to their gods. Considering the fact that Cozumel was an important island in Mayan Yucatecan life, it's only fitting that the island be home to a supurb chocolate shop. This charming store is run by a mother and daughter team. They make and sell all kinds of chocolate creations, including many different types of truffles like Triple Chocolate, Coconut Lime, Sea Salt Butterscotch and White Chocolate Coffee. Their motto is "Make people happy one piece of chocolate at a time". Look for the "chocolate of the day" on the Chocolateria's Facebook page.

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Local Expert Kristin Busse Says:

Restaurants near Cruise Port: "Don't forget to buy extra chocolate to take home with you."

Best for Restaurants near Cruise Port Because: Chocolateria Isla Bella sells scrumptious homemade chocolate, and you get to meet the mother/daughter team behind the creations.

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