Best Detroit, MI Restaurants

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    10. The Lark

    Slip away from the chaos of the city to a romantic hideaway. This rustic Portuguese-style country inn serves cuisine with an eclectic French touch. The wine list offers hundreds of choices, and the prix fixe menu...

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    9. Opus One

    Dine in an elegant, romantic atmosphere, surrounded by etched glass, marble, and mahogany. Opus One specializes in gourmet American cuisine with a Continental flair, and the dinner menu features such delights as...

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    7. The Grill at The Ritz-Carlton

    Classic American cuisine gets an innovative twist at this first-class restaurant. Served in an impressive, luxurious setting, dishes include grilled meats and seafood, creatively prepared and served with fresh...

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    6. No. VI Chophouse

    Elegant and with a more contemporary edge than most steakhouses, No. VI Chophouse is an atmospheric place ideal for impressing clients or dates. Serving only USDA Prime beef, broiled to perfection, the restaurant...

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    5. Bacco Ristorante

    Renowned for its gracious welcome, fine food, and excellent press, Bacco is proudly named after the Roman god of wine. Murals dedicated to the profligate deity distinguish the dining room, promising certain pleasure...

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    4. Rochester Chop House

    A good option for a special occasion, Rochester Chop House is just as skilled with seafood as it is with steaks. If you're going for the former, the lobster-and-shrimp panroast is wonderful, as is salmon Lawrence,...

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    3. Ristorante Café Cortina

    Subdued and enveloping, with curved brick walls and wood paneling, this esteemed restaurant gains added warmth from carefully placed ambient lighting. It's a soothing place for a meal of delicious northern Italian...

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    2. Beverly Hills Grill

    Although it's eminently relaxed for diners, the Grill keeps servers nattily attired and offers incredible, quality-driven food — as it has for decades. Regulars adore the place, which treats everyone well and...

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    1. forty-two degrees north

    Although it's located in the Renaissance Center Marriott, forty-two degrees north is anything but your run-of-the-mill hotel restaurant. Chef Franz Josef Zimmer takes American comfort food (which could easily come...

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About Detroit, MI Restaurants

As in every large city, Detroit presents a smorgasbord of cuisines, offering every style and flavor, from Polish to Middle Eastern, German to Italian, and everything in-between. The American catch-all is, of course, best represented. It includes venerable places like the elegant, refined Whitney and the entertaining Sweet Georgia Brown, where live jazz ups the ante on great dining. It also sweeps in fledgling favorites like Jeremy's Restaurant & Bar (a chef-run enterprise) and Beverly Hills Grill, whose personal service and customer-focused approach make it such a perennial favorite. Beyond that, the American umbrella embraces restaurants like Five Lakes Grill, which gives diners a real taste of the region while raising the bar high in executing – and twisting – the familiar. Steakhouses and seafood establishments make a strong Midwestern showing, from the estimable Capital Grille to Coach Insignia, whose Renaissance Center location and incredible views are on par with the kitchen's best. Also adept is Rochester Chop House, an all-around reputable standard that turns out a much-loved zip sauce, the locally-favored, spice-laden concoction that beautifully brings out the flavor of beef. And lest you fear, sushi is readily available, a good bowl of pasta is easy to find, Detroit's square deep-dish pizza is abundantly worth sampling, and perfectly tender barbecue can quickly be had. In short, whether your pockets are deep or not so much, and whether your style is upscale or relaxed, you'll discover that scrumptious food is no farther than the street outside.

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