Minneapolis Travel Guide

Get Your Bearings in Minneapolis

Where to Stay

When staying in Minneapolis, you have host of different environments to choose from. Looking for something stylish and edgy? Stay in uptown near Calhoun Square. For a more relaxed stay, opt for accommodation near one of Minneapolis' serene lakes, such as Lake Calhoun or Lake Harriet. Business travelers may want to stay in downtown Minneapolis near Nicollet Avenue. Nightlife lovers will also enjoy staying in downtown. 

Avoid: Staying outside the city if most of your activities are there, as traffic can be heavy getting in and out of Minneapolis.


What to Eat

In Minneapolis, you're in luck when it comes to dining as it's not hard to find a delicious, award-winning restaurant, whether you're in vibrant downtown or stylish uptown. Depending on your food mood, head to downtown for top-notch steak houses or swing on over to uptown if you're looking for a more eclectic menu. 

Avoid: Imported seafood and instead try freshwater fish that is locally caught.
Hot Tips: Check out "Eat Street" in the Whittier neighborhood for a diverse array of restaurants and markets.


Things to See

Minnesota is all about the lakes and that includes a big city like Minneapolis. Head to one of Minneapolis' pretty and tree-adorned lakes for relaxing views and some water activities. Summer is all about boating, while in winter you'll have to opt for ice fishing or ice-skating. Minneapolis is also known for a diverse arts scene. Popular staples such as the Walker Art Center and the Guthrie Theater are well worth a visit. 

Take It or Leave It: If there's a game going on, see what it's like to watch it in the Metrodome stadium.
Hot Tips: If visiting in December, don't miss the annual Holidazzle Parade on Nicollet.


Places to Party

Downtown Minneapolis comes alive at night with raucous pubs and pulsing dance clubs. Whether you're looking for live music, dance floors or simply a good martini or pint of beer, you'll be able to find it. Uptown Minneapolis is home to stylish wine bars for those looking for a more low-key night out.

Take It or Leave It: First Avenue has been a staple on the music scene for years - check out the band playing to see if you want to take in a show.
Hot Tips: In winter, leave the club before closing time to better your chance of getting a cab quickly in freezing temperatures.


Where to Shop

The best shopping in Minneapolis is located in downtown at Nicollet Mall, which boasts top department stores, and in Uptown at Calhoun Square, which has an array of fashion staples plus boutique offerings. There's also Mall of America, a can't-miss experience for shopaholics, though you'll have to take a short shuttle to get there as it's located outside the city center. 

Caution: The Mall of America gets extremely busy on weekends - especially holiday weekends. Arrive early or go during the week.
Hot Tips: On Thursdays and Sundays in the summer, check out the Farmer's Market on Nicollet,


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About Minneapolis

Minneapolis' metropolitan story didn't really begin until 1867, when the rail line between it and Chicago was completed. At the same time, industrious millers began to contrive ways to harness the power of Saint Anthony Falls on the Mississippi. By the 1870s, more than a dozen sawmills worked relentlessly to process the timber pulled from the dense Minnesota forests. And as the next century rolled around, companies like Pillsbury and General Mills helped make Minneapolis one of the country's leading processors of flour.

Obviously, today's economy is much more diversified, and Minnesota's largest metro perennially ranks among the nicest places to live in the US. Juxtaposing the city's sleek phalanx of glass, concrete, and steel is an outstanding public park system that seeks to preserve and showcase the region's natural beauty via extensive trail networks, bird sanctuaries, and scenic overlooks - great for MPLS travel-goers. Moreover, stunning renovations of buildings like the Central Library and Walker Art Center make Minneapolis trips Mecca-like experiences for those studying architecture and design.

Throughout its history, Minneapolis has been a politically and socially progressive city, and under the...  Read more »