Best St. Paul, MN Nightlife

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    O'Gara's Bar & Grill

    One of the oldest family-owned operations in St. Paul, O'Gara's has been a popular haunt since the 1940s. Consisting of a main bar, the Shamrock Room,...

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    The Artist's Quarter

    If you're in the market for live jazz, this establishment is a top choice. Musician-owned and -operated, it delivers just what patrons want to hear. Local...

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    Dixie's on Grand

    The Cajun-style cuisine served up at Dixie's has gained positive publicity in the St. Paul area. Here, you can feast on traditional Southern dishes like...

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    Great Waters Brewing Company

    Great Waters, one of downtown's few brewpubs, offers a laid-back setting ideal for watching the big game or just hanging out with friends. Great Falls brews...

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    Dubliner Pub

    Dubliner's, the closest thing to a traditional Irish pub that you'll find in St. Paul, offers a laidback option for those looking for something to do after...

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    Turf Club

    Due to its close proximity to a number of Twin Cities universities, Turf Club draws predictably large crowds of students. The bar's hokey, lounge-like...

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    The Liffey Irish Pub

    Don't miss this unmarked, authentic Irish pub hiding in the bottom of the Holiday Inn Rivercentre. Grab a pint of Guinness or a dram of whiskey and tap your...

Local Expert Nightlife Recommendations

Local Expert Nightlife Recommendations