Going out to eat isn't always about cravings. Often enough, mealtimes dictate our choices, limiting restaurant possibilities. When circumstances narrow the options, let 10Best help. We'll direct you to the best Breakfast restaurants in St. Paul and save you the hassle of calling around for business hours. 10Best readers find much to enjoy at Egg and I thanks to its all-around good offerings. It's also hard to beat Bread & Chocolate, which serves just what you're looking for when you're in the market for a great Breakfast.

Downtowner Woodfire Grill
Fire-grilled meats are the highlight at this appealing restaurant, whose menu is represented as "American with a Persian touch." The interior is rich with Oriental rugs, leather, dark woods, and an impressive, stacked stone fireplace that anchors the space. Steaks, lamb chops, pork loin, and swordfish are imparted an earthy, rustic quality, courtesy of the fire, as are gourmet pizzas. Other entrees include seafood puttanesca and Thai chicken pasta. An open kitchen and proximity to the Xcel Energy Center further recommend the well-received restaurant. The bar remains open until 1am on Friday and Saturday. (651-228-1221, 651-228-9500)

Mickey's Diner
Open around the clock! Mickey's Art Deco red and cream-colored diner is located in an old railroad dining car and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Mickey's own special batter makes the waffles and buttermilk pancakes an extra special treat. Hearty eaters will enjoy their pancakes with the potatoes O'Brien. The omelets are another of Mickey's specialties. Of course, the burgers and fries aren't bad either. (651-222-5633, 651- 698-0259)

Egg and I
Eggs any way you like them are featured here, including terrific, well-stuffed omelets. Skillet breakfasts, French toast and waffles also appear on the menu. If you're up for a hearty meal, look for the kamikaze pancakes — buttermilk, multigrain, sourdough, or buckwheat pancakes topped with bananas, blueberries and nuts. Egg and I is a friendly, welcoming place to start your day! (651-647-1292)

Keys Café & Bakery
Family-owned and -operated, Keys offers hefty portions of comfort food. Pancakes are so big they don't quite fit on the plate, and epic melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls and caramel rolls (made once a day) tend to go "as fast as hotcakes." Breakfast is served all day long, much to the delight of regulars. This location is the original Keys Café & Bakery, but multiple locations can be found throughout the Twin Cities. (651-646-5756)

Cafe Latté
At Cafe Latté, fresh desserts and breads are placed at the beginning of the "cafeteria" line, promoting the yummy idea of starting a meal with dessert. Check out the caramel cashew truffle or the sinful chocolate turtle cake. Special latte creations include the Milky Way Latte and the Irish Cream Latte. Ciders are also featured, as seen in drinks like a Hot Cider Crème with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick. (651-224-5687)

M ST. Cafe
Defined by curves, sturdy columns, and dark-wood furniture, this pale-hued dining room presents a refined setting for morning meals and lunchtime powwows. Breakfast options range from frittatas and quesadillas to smoked salmon hash or a fried egg sandwich. Pancakes, waffles, French toast, and eggs Benedict also satisfy. The brunch bounty includes similar items but also features fresh fish, shrimp, pastries, salads, prime rib, soups, and desserts. Prominent at lunch are salads and sandwiches. (651-228-3855)

Bread & Chocolate
Sister restaurant of the popular Cafe Latte, Bread & Chocolate has a loyal group of regulars of its own. This Victoria Square bakery specializes in everything that tickles your fancy— crescent rolls, brownies, fudge and all sorts of cookies. For those who like to eat a little something more than dessert at mealtimes, Bread & Chocolate also serves several excellent specialty sandwiches. (651-228-1017, 651-224-5687)

Highland Grill & Cafe
Highland Grill enjoys the loyal patronage of many regulars who appreciate made-from-scratch dishes and comfortable atmosphere. Specialties include panko-crusted grilled salmon, a monstrous Peter's Burger (with egg and caramelized onions), ratatouille with rice, and blue corn pancakes. At lunch, you'll want to mosey up to the counter and sample fish and chips or a burger named in honor of Elvis (it's got bacon and roasted garlic mayo!). (651-690-1173)

El Café Restaurant
The area around Holman Field doesn't boast much in the way of good restaurants, but this Mexican eatery is an exception. It's difficult to imagine anybody who wouldn't be tempted upon entering, because the staff casually puts beautifully made burritos, gorditas, and tacos on display. Tastes are as terrific as aromas, and regulars know that the specialty is the torta, a knee-knocking bean-and-beef combo topped with avocado and onion. (651-227-2192)

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Copper Dome Restaurant
Walk into this neighborhood favorite any weekday morning, and you'll find reassuring signs: a swiftly-moving waitstaff, lines of locals waiting for a cozy booth, and of course, stacks and stacks of golden-brown pancakes dripping with butter and maple syrup. A glance at the menu confirms you've made a great choice for breakfast — the myriad of combinations and preparations of pancakes, eggs, meat, and hashbrowns guarantee that everyone's a.m. favorites can be enjoyed. Memorabilia from the city's once-booming flour industry lends character to the dining room. (651-690-0993)

Maps and Directions

Downtowner Woodfire Grill 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American
Neighborhood: Downtown
Cost: $$
Mickey's Diner 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Diner
Neighborhood: Downtown
Cost: $
Egg and I 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American
Neighborhood: Midway
Cost: $
Keys Café & Bakery 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Diner
Neighborhood: Downtown
Cost: $
Cafe Latté 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Bakery, Continental, Vegetarian
Neighborhood: Grand Avenue
Cost: $
M ST. Cafe 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Continental
Neighborhood: Downtown
Cost: $
Bread & Chocolate 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Bakery
Neighborhood: Grand Avenue
Cost: $
Highland Grill & Cafe 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American
Neighborhood: Highland
Cost: $
El Café Restaurant 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Latin, Mexican
Neighborhood: West St. Paul
Cost: $
Copper Dome Restaurant 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American
Neighborhood: Macalester
Cost: $
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