Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is St. Louis's most notable landmark. It is the focal point of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park and was built in the 1960's to commemorate the point at which many 19th century pioneers stopped for supplies before...  Read More

Meramac Caverns

These beautiful caves are filled with spectacular mineral formations that delight visitors. They are rich in history, as well. The caves were honored by Native Americans as the home of their god and were used by 19th century outlaw Jesse James...  Read More

Meeting of the Waters Fountain at Aloe Plaza

Aloe Plaza, which is located outside Union Station, is the site of one of St. Louis's favorite works of public art, a grand fountain featuring allegorical representations of mythical female and male figures that represent the coming together of...  Read More

The Jewel Box

A beautiful example of Art Deco architecture, this conservatory situated in Forest Park features spectacular indoor and outdoor floral displays. A reflecting pool with water plants sits in front of the glass structure. The building is surrounded...  Read More

Home of the St. Louis Cardinals professional baseball team, this downtown stadium opened in the 1960's and features a Gateway Arch motif that is replicated more than 90 times on the exterior. When the Cardinals aren't playing, the stadium is...  Read More

Airport - Stl
Kiener Plaza

This downtown plaza is a preferred lunch spot for the working crowd, a popular locale for sports fans cheering on their favorite team, and an occasional venue for concerts. One end of the plaza features an amphitheater; the other, a beautiful...  Read More

Laclede's Landing
Wainwright Building

This late 19th-century, ten-story building is one of the city's first high rises, and is occupied today as an office building. Designed by noted architect Louis Sullivan, it was in the original class of steel skeleton structures which permitted...  Read More

Walk of Fame

Famous St. Louis individuals who made important accomplishments to our nation's cultural heritage are honored with brass stars and bronze plaques set Hollywood-style in the sidewalks of the University City Loop. John Goodman, Maya Angelou, Bob...  Read More

Laclede's Landing
Calvary Cemetery

This park-like Catholic cemetery was established in the mid-19th century during a cholera epidemic that claimed the lives of 10 percent of St. Louis' residents. Many of the tombs and memorials feature important architectural details. The...  Read More

Laclede's Landing

This century and a half old private nonsectarian cemetery is located outside the city limits. The beautifully landscaped grounds, which grew out of the 19th century "garden-as-cemetery" movement, feature 14 miles of winding paths and man-made...  Read More