Best Historic Sites in Amsterdam: Discover the City's Rich History

Anne de Buck

By , Local Expert, Amsterdam
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Some people say that walking around in Amsterdam is like walking in one big open air museum. There is just so much to see and historic sites to visit that it's advices to plan your trip carefully. Luckily most historic sites are located close to each other in the old city center. 

Every city has its own unique feel and vibe, which is determined by a number of things. The local historic sites are no doubt one of the largest contributing factors to the aura that surrounds a city. When in Amsterdam, users recommend paying a visit to Anne Frankhuis, in the Jordaan area to get a feel for what truly makes up the city.

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  • 1

    Anne Frankhuis

    The story of Anne Frank is a story we should never forget. The Anne Frank house is a unique place to visit and remember.

    Local Expert Tip: "My name is Anne too and ever since I'm a little girl the story of Anne Frank made a big impression on me."

  • 2


    Without a doubt the Tuschinski cinema is the most beautiful theater in Amsterdam.

    Local Expert Tip: "Book a love seat and you will have the greatest night out with your date."

  • 3

    De Waag

    De Waag is a beautiful historic building with a rich history. It's an iconic building in the Chinatown district of Amsterdam.

    Local Expert Tip: "On the weekends there's a farmer's market in front of De Waag."

  • 4

    Oost-Indisch Huis

    The Dutch have a rich history of the Duch East India Company and the Oost-Indisch Huis is one of the most important remains of that.

    Local Expert Tip: "I went to University there for years! You can walk in and check out the inner court yard."

  • 5

    Beurs van Berlage (Old Stock Exchange)

    A famous building by the Dutch architect Hendrik van Berlage.

    Local Expert Tip: "Go to the top for a great view over Amsterdam!"

  • 6

    Museum Het Rembrandthuis

    The Rembrandt House enables visitors to explore the home in which the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn lived and worked for 20 years.

    Local Expert Tip: "Plan your visit around one of the etching or paint preparation demonstrations"

  • 7

    Dam Square

    Dam Square, home to the Royal Palace, Nieuwe Kerk and National Monument, always has something going on.

    Local Expert Tip: "As the Dam is always busy, watch out for bikes, trams and cars."

  • 8

    Museum van Loon

    One of the most unique museums in Amsterdam giving a gimps of the rich history of canal houses.

    Local Expert Tip: "Book a personal tour for the best experience."

  • 9

    Museum Willet-Holthuysen

    Discover the rich history of the rich people on the Amsterdam canals at museum Willet-Holthuysen.

    Local Expert Tip: "This museum has changing exhibits worth to check out."

  • 10

    Centraal Station

    After years of restoring the Centraal Station in Amsterdam is finally looking beautiful again.

    Local Expert Tip: "Go for coffee at the cafe above the train track!"



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