Get Married in Las Vegas at One of These Ten Wedding Chapels

Getting married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel may sound like something that only movie stars do, but a quick look at the numbers of wedding chapels in the city quickly disproves that idea. With the cost of a traditional wedding climbing higher every year, having your ceremony at a Vegas chapel may be not only a fun alternative, but a wallet-friendly one as well.

Several wedding chapels offer traditional settings with in settings that don't appear to be blatantly Vegasy. Upscale, elegant chapels at the Bellagio or Wynn offer couples ceremonies in beautifully decorated settings, or in outdoor areas that take advantage of the lovely grounds and backdrop at either location. At the Little Church of the West, the pretty grounds and historic wedding chapel unite both the ease of a Vegas wedding with a photo-worthy locale.

Having a wedding in Las Vegas is all about having a wide variety of options, however, so several chapels offer everything from traditional settings to special themed ceremonies. Drive through the Little White Wedding Chapel, or have Elvis on hand at Graceland or Viva Las Vegas. Chapel of the Flowers can set you up to say "I do" in one of their chapels, or they can help you make arrangements for nuptials at the Valley of Fire or the Grand Canyon. With so much stunning landscape near Las Vegas, couples who want an unforgettable backdrop need not look far.

At the top of the Stratosphere, couples can be married with the sweeping panorama of Las Vegas behind (and beneath) them, or the bride and groom can pledge themselves to each other while on one of the thrill rides. Is it a good or bad thing to feel like screaming at the start of the marriage? That's a question only the couple in question can answer.

10 Paris Las Vegas Wedding Chapels
Paris is almost synonymous with romance, so it only makes sense that in Las Vegas, the Paris Hotel and Casino offers a full selection of wedding services. Two indoor chapels give couples lovely, romantic settings featuring chandeliers and angels. However, since Paris Las Vegas comes complete with a half-size Eiffel Tower, you can also choose to be married on the Eiffel Tower observation desk, 460 feet above the Strip. Wedding packages range from under $1,000 ($650 for the basic package at one of the two indoor chapels) to the deluxe "Paris Perfection Package" that includes a four-night stay at the hotel ($8,500). (702-946-4060, 877-650-5021)

9 The Venetian Wedding Chapels
The Venetian Las Vegas has an undercurrent of romance, what with its Old World Italy theme that comes complete with gondolas. For couples who want to get married in Las Vegas, but who don't want Elvis at the service, the wedding chapels at the Venetian may be an alternative. Wedding planners will help you design every detail of the nuptials, from the bachelor and bachelorette parties to your room accommodations. Four wedding chapels give couples the option of understated romance, but you can also choose to say your vows in a white gondola, at the "Weddings Bridge," or at the Palazzo Waterfall. (866.548.1807)

8 Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
Part of the appeal of a Las Vegas wedding is choosing a ceremony that's totally different from anything you might plan back at home. The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has something for every couple, regardless of what kind of wedding they choose. Want something traditional? Two venues are available. Perhaps you're thinking of Elvis at the service? (This is Vegas, after all.) Viva's got 12 different Elvis themes for you to choose from. Beyond the traditional and the expected Elvis options, Viva Las Vegas offers 30 other themes: vampires, pirates, Camelot, Egyptian, retro, gothic, or graveyard are but a few of the standard options available. Custom designed packages are also offered. (702-384-0771, 800-574-4450)

7 Graceland Wedding Chapel
Nothing says "Las Vegas wedding" more than having Elvis at the ceremony. The Graceland Chapel has been around for 50 years, and the name alone tells you that Elvis fans need look no further. At Graceland, you can have Elvis on hand to escort the bride or sing--six different types of Elvis themed weddings are offered.Graceland has been featured in a handful of movies, and according to the chapel, it's a popular place for musicians like Billy Ray Cyrus, Bon Jovi, and KISS. You'll find the standard array of wedding chapel services here: flowers, photography, limo service, and even an Internet feed so you can include friends and family who aren't with you in person. (702-382-0091, 800-824-5732)

6 Chapel of the Flowers
At Chapel of the Flowers, couples can choose packages either on the grounds of the chapel, or at a romantic location like the Grand Canyon or the Valley of Fire. One of the best things about this chapel is that the bride and groom aren't limited to just the on-site offerings, which include a selection of chapels and picturesque outdoor backdrops. Whether you're looking for something basic with a traditional ceremony, or are thinking of going all-out, the chapel's packages will help make the whole process easier. Flowers and photos are included in all packages. Extras like limo service and "luxury" marriage license service are a few of the options at Chapel of the Flowers. (702-735-4331, 800-843-2410)

5 Stratosphere Wedding Chapel
You could decide to get married at the top of the Stratopshere because of the amazing view. You could also decide to get married on one of the Stratosphere's thrill rides, if you feel like starting off married life with some screaming. Either way, the wedding chapels at the Stratosphere can help you out. Indoor and outdoor weddings are available, and a full range of services are offered, including reception areas. Professional wedding planners are available to help you take care of all the details. Photographs are a must, with the dramatic backdrop of the Strip 1,000 feet below you. (800-789-9436)

4 Little White Wedding Chapel
The Little White Wedding Chapel has seen a host of celebrities tie the knot: Britney Spears, Bruce Willis and Demi More, even "Slash" from Guns & Roses. Getting hitched here puts you and your husband/wife on a long list of couples who've taken vows here. While you might not be famous, you can certainly brag about getting married at a famous place when you bring your photos back home. Five chapels give you options on where to say your vows. In a hurry? You can use the drive-thru. Located in Downtown Las Vegas, this little chapel offers an extensive list of packages. And yes, you can have Elvis there if you want. ((702) 382-5943)

3 Wynn Wedding Chapels
At the Wynn and Encore, two of Las Vegas' most swanky hotel casinos, the wedding chapels have been renamed "salons." While a Las Vegas wedding is often cited as a way to save money on an expensive wedding ceremny, couples who choose the first-class option of a wedding at Wynn or Encore probably aren't looking for cheap deals. Packages here start at about $1,200, and couples can take advantage of a list of included services like a wedding consultant, limited time with a photographer, and very nice champagne. If you decide to go all-out, Wynn's "Elegant Affair" package will set you back over $23,000--but it includes every service you might want to use, including tickets for Le Reve, massages, and a limo to the airport. ((888) 320-7115)

2 Bellagio Wedding Chapels
When you think of a Las Vegas wedding chapel, you might think of kitsch and Elvis. But if you'd rather have an elegant wedding, the Bellagio can help you. Tastefully decorated (with no Elvis in sight--unless that's what you decide you want), the wedding chapels at Bellagio offer wedding parties an upscale, beautifully designed setting in which to exchange vows. The South Wedding Chapel can seat up to 130 guests, while the East Wedding Chapel keeps things intimate with space for 30. At the Terrazza Di Sogno, couples can have Lake Bellagio in the background, with the Fountains shooting skyward at the moment of "I do." (888.987.6667)

1 The Little Church of the West
The Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel has moved around over the years, which is a testament to its popularity. In Las Vegas, it's more common to see a place meet the wrecking ball than get a new location, and the Little Church has moved a few times. It's currently located close to the Mandalay Bay on the southern section of the Strip. Opened in 1942, this little chapel sits in a prettily landscaped nook. Like many Vegas wedding chapels, it's seen its share of celebrities: Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney; Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere; Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton. Several wedding packages are offered, beginning at about $300. ((702) 739-7971)

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