10 Best Things to do in Las Vegas if You're Under 21

Las Vegas is known for being a 21 and over city, but just because you haven’t yet turned that magical age doesn’t mean you have to stay in during the evenings. Your options are much better if you’re over 18, although even those under 18 can find events, bowling alleys and movie theaters.

Las Vegas does have a curfew, so those under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and on Friday and Saturday from midnight to 5 a.m. Those over 18 can still be out enjoying the 24 hour nature of Las Vegas, just without drinking or gambling.

Shows are a great place to spend the evening, and while plenty of venues offer acts appropriate for all ages, a few require the audience to be over 18, like Absinthe. The acts here are amazing, defying gravity in every way, and the show is full of raunchy humor.

Getting away from the Strip also opens up a greater list of things to do for people not yet of age to drink and gamble. Go have fun singing karaoke, play pool at Cue D’s or test your mini golf skills–and in Las Vegas, you can stay out all night doing many of those things.

Still wondering what do for a night out in Las Vegas if you’re under 21? Read our list for the 10 best ways to spend your evening.

KISS by Monster Mini Golf is a large space inside the Rio Hotel and Casino, just west of the Strip. It's theme is obvious from the name, and if you like rock 'n roll--especially KISS--your round of glow-in-the-dark mini golf will be that much...  Read More

First Friday
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First Friday takes over a small portion of the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas, located around the area of Casino Center and Charleston. The art on display and being created encompasses a wide variety of styles. Food trucks, vendors for all...  Read More

Cue D's Billiards
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Cue D's is in Chinatown, a growing district west of the Las Vegas Strip. This pool hall welcomes under 21, and as long as you're over 18, you can continue shooting pool past curfew. Weekdays rates are only $10 per hour for 2 players, and on the...  Read More

Penn and Teller have been amazing and entertaining audiences for almost 40 years. Yes, they're magicians, but they're also comedians. The more talkative Penn is known to many for his appearances on reality TV shows, while hearing Teller talk...  Read More

East Of The Strip

If you like to hang out with friends and play games, Topgolf is worth your time. It's four levels of fun centered around golf, and it doesn't matter if you're a long-time golfer or just want to see how hard hitting that little ball can be--it's...  Read More

A short drive west of the Las Vegas Strip will take you into the growing Chinatown district, full of great restaurants and things to do. At Q Karaoke, you can sing along with your group of friends as long as you're over 18. Rooms are reasonably...  Read More

Located just 10 minutes from the Vegas Strip, froZEN75 is Las Vegas' only teen/under 21 nightclub. Open Saturday nights, it is dedicated to providing a safe, drug- and drama-free environment for area teens. The club hasn't forgotten to keep that...  Read More

Cirque du Soleil shows are found at several hotels along the Strip, but only Zumanity is designed with an "adults only" audience in mind. The sexy show combines the amazing talents of the Cirque troupe with burlesque and cabaret. If you really...  Read More

Although 18 and over clubs in Las Vegas are nearly impossible to find, the famed House of Blues occasionally features shows for all ages, providing an amazing opportunity for the underage crowd to rock out Vegas-style. The venue itself is...  Read More

Absinthe takes place in a small space that draws the audience into the bawdy and amazing show. The bawdiness stems from the non-stop jokes and audience heckling from the main characters Penny and the Gazillionaire, but that's far from all this...  Read More


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