Ten Las Vegas Buffets That Take All You Can Eat to a New Level

Looking for a great value for your food dollars while you're on vacation in Vegas? Look no further than the nearest buffet. Once upon a time, the typical Vegas buffet was a vast offering of rubbery and cheap stuff that serious foodies avoided—but that's no longer the case. The modern Las Vegas buffet wants serious food lovers to know that the newest crop of buffets value quality and selection.  Prices are no longer rock-bottom cheap, but joining the players club at most casinos will give you a discount at the buffet.

Your choice of buffet depends on what you're looking for in food selection and price. If price is no object, and you're in the grip of a serious longing for all-you-can-eat caviar and lobster—along with all you can drink champagne— try Bally's Sterling Brunch, offered only on Sunday. Weekend brunch is a pretty common offering at most buffets, but the Sterling Brunch stands alone as far as price and extravagant food.

At Studio B, the extravagance is in the sheer number of dishes--over 200--and the price includes beer and wine. While a hallmark of buffets is their spectacular assortment of food, some buffets concentrate on one type of cuisine. The Le Village Buffet at Paris offers a selection of French foods, and the Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood offers several Middle Eastern choices. One of the newest buffets in Vegas, Wicked Spoon  stands out from other buffets in a different way: individual servings—which could go a long way toward curbing that after-the-buffet bloat.

10 Wicked Spoon Buffet
While buffets are no longer the best place to find the cheapest food in Las Vegas, they still offer a great value when you consider the types of food offered. Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas will set you back as much as any good restaurant, but you'll get to try an amazing array of food--and you can eat as much of it as you like. This all-you-can-eat approach (AYCE for short) can result in serious over-stuffing issues. Wicked Spoon has done its part to offset the AYCE over-eating syndrome with individually sized portions, which are both aesthetically pleasing and a good first-step toward more rational food consumption at the buffet. With a pleasing decor at the trendy Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Wicked Spoon offers upscale dishes like salmon, prime rib, leg of lamb, and sushi. (702-698-7000)

9 Studio B
A standard feature of any buffet is a large array of food, but Studio B has taken this idea to a new level with over 200 items from which to choose. This diverse offering of food covers a wide span of ethnic choices: Asian, American, Mexican, and Italian. Espresso and cappuccino are included in the price, as are beer and wine—which distinguishes Studio B from other Las Vegas buffets. The M Resort, where Studio B is located, is a good distance south of the Strip, but if you are out sight-seeing, this is a good place to stop for a large meal. Prices are slightly higher than you'll find at most Las Vegas neighborhood buffets, but with such a large number of choices, Studio B is still a good value. (702-797-1000)

8 Garden Court Buffet
Las Vegas buffets were once the best place to find killer deals on food, and Main Street Station hasn't forgotten about those days. The Garden Court Buffet is reasonably priced and stocked with the wide offering of food you'd expect to find at a buffet. Main Street Station's train-station theme plays well in the buffet, with high ceilings and a kind of cavernous atmosphere that suits that vast selection of food. Often noted as not only one of the best buffets Downtown, but in Las Vegas, period, Garden Court Buffet will fill you up without emptying your wallet. To minimize waiting in line, avoid the peak dinner times around 7:00 p.m., or be prepared for a wait. (702-387-1896, 800-713-8933)

7 The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas
As one of the newest icons of luxury in Las Vegas, the Wynn is almost obligated to stock its buffet with elegant foods. As well, it charges accordingly—although few people who visit the Wynn would expect otherwise. You'll find an elaborate décor here, unlike any of the routine, almost cafeteria-like designs of less elite buffets. Stations cover a variety of cuisines: barbeque, Mexican, and Italian, for example. But the real draw here is dessert, an impressive collection of after-dinner yummies that you should investigate before you fill up on more nutritious offerings. The Buffet at Wynn is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A weekend champagne brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (702-770-3463, 702-770-7000)

6 Rio Carnival World Buffet
With a name like Carnival World, you'd expect to find a wide variety of food, from international offerings to hamburgers and hot dogs—and you won't be disappointed. Carnival World is a good representation of the modern Las Vegas buffet: a wide selection of world-wide types of cuisine at a moderate (but not cheap) price. Located just off the Strip at the Rio, the Carnival World Buffet is popular with locals and tourists, so don't be surprised to see a line at dinner time. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served, as well as a weekend champagne brunch. Being just off the Strip means prices are a little less than you'll pay right on the Stip; even the weekend champagne brunch is under $30. (702-252-7757)

5 The Buffet at Bellagio
Buffets are all about eating until you're stuffed—and then eating some more—and at the Buffet at Bellagio, they've added an element of decadence. You're not just eating a lot, you're eating a lot of things like Kobe beef or sushi. Since this is the Bellagio, high quality food is expected, even at the buffet. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served, along with a weekend champagne brunch. Friday and Saturday evening dinners are more expensive, but are also filled with exceptional gourmet offerings. Although the Bellagio is a luxury resort, its buffet is only a little bit more expensive than other Strip buffets, and the quality is consistently higher. (702-693-8255)

4 Spice Market Buffet
Before Planet Hollywood took over, the Aladdin Hotel Casino was in this location, so you have to wonder if that was the inspiration for the Middle Eastern dishes you can find at the Spice Market Buffet. Although Spice Market serves dishes like kebabs, couscous, hummus, and tandoori chicken, you'll also find a selection of American dishes that aren't the least bit exotic. The relaxed atmosphere here means you don't need to worry about dress codes—flip flops and shorts won't draw any attention. Prices are moderate for modern Las Vegas buffets, which means you won't find any super cheap food, but the all-you-can eat buffet model remains a good value for big eaters, even at $20-30 prices. (702-785-5555)

3 Cravings Buffet at the Mirage
The Cravings Buffet at Mirage has a sleek modern design to complement its selection of international foods. Instead of focusing on a single type of cuisine, Cravings offers everything from pizza to barbeque, with stops along the way for sushi, Chinese food, turkey, and prime rib. Quality variety is the idea here, which is appropriate for the Mirage, a property that remains a cut above the middle-of-the-road Las Vegas hotels without going overboard on its luxury quotient. Cravings can get crowded on the weekends. It's a moderately-priced buffet, so do expect a bill that reflect the variety of food available. Special menus are offered during holidays. (702-791-7223)

2 Le Village Buffet
Designed to look like a charming French village, the buffet at Paris, Le Village, offers diners French food at prices that are affordable. While French food from top-notch chefs has become a major draw in Las Vegas, the prices that go along with those meals can be serious budget-busters—but Le Village has combined the affordability of a buffet with one of today's most in-demand cuisines. Many of the dishes are made to order, and you can expect to find a wide variety of cheeses and breads. Stations are arranged to represent food from specific regions of France. Desserts, naturally, get great reviews. This buffet offer a wide selection of dishes, but this isn't the place to look for rock-bottom prices. (702-946-4966, 702-946-7000)

1 Sterling Brunch
Bally's Sterling Brunch Buffet happens only on Sundays, but if you want to enjoy an all-you-can-eat array of expensive foods like caviar, filet, rack of lamb, and lobster, it's worth the wait and the $85 price. The champagne is premium and the service is impeccable. This extravagant once-a-week buffet is held in Bally's Steakhouse from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. It's a vintage Vegas restaurant experience, reminiscent of the days before mega-sized luxury resorts--so it's smaller than restaurants at newer properties. This Old Vegas buffet is popular with both visitors and locals, so reservations are a must to ensure that you can eat unlimited quantities of your favorite gourmet foods. (702-967-7777, 702-862-5138)

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Maps and Directions

Wicked Spoon Buffet 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Eclectic, Ethnic
Neighborhood: The Strip
COST: $$$
Studio B 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Eclectic
Neighborhood: South Las Vegas
COST: $$
Garden Court Buffet 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Asian, Chinese, Ethnic, Latin, Mexican, Southern, Southwestern
Dining Options: Non-Smoking
Neighborhood: Downtown
The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, European, Italian, Latin, Mexican, Southern
Dining Options: Family Friendly
Neighborhood: The Strip
COST: $$$
Rio Carnival World Buffet 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Ethnic
Dining Options: Family Friendly, Pastry Chef
Neighborhood: West Of The Strip
COST: $$
The Buffet at Bellagio 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Ethnic
Dining Options: Family Friendly, Group Friendly, Smoking
Neighborhood: The Strip
COST: $$$
Spice Market Buffet 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Ethnic
Dining Options: Disabled Accessible, Family Friendly, Smoking
Neighborhood: The Strip
COST: $$
Cravings Buffet at the Mirage 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Ethnic
Dining Options: Non-Smoking
Neighborhood: The Strip
COST: $$$
Le Village Buffet 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: European, French
Neighborhood: The Strip
COST: $$
Sterling Brunch 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American
Dining Options: Non-Smoking
COST: $$$$
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