10 Best Casual and Relaxed Dining Restaurants in Reno

There is no shortage of casual, yet tasty, dining in Reno. Most restaurants, except for a select few, are always casual since Reno is a fairly down to earth city. You can still dress up if you want to and no one will look twice.

If you are on the lookout for a hearty breakfast or brunch, try Peg's Glorified Ham & Eggs in downtown Reno. You will walk away from their homemade dishes not wanting to eat the rest of the day. Another great breakfast and brunch spot is The Stone House in Southwest Reno. For lunch, try India Kabob and Curry for their inexpensive and filling lunch buffet, Midtown Eats for their unique spins on burgers and sandwiches or Süp for their...well...soup.

Dinner is fun and casual at Miguel's Mexican or Bangkok Cuisine which serves the best Thai food in town. The Old Granite Street Eatery has great brews on tap and appetizers for a casual evening and Great Full Gardens allows you to have both healthful food and wine in a relaxed atmosphere. For a slice of classic Reno, visit the Little Nugget Diner downtown for an Awful Awful Burger – the epitome of casual in Reno.

Southwest Reno

What really makes Reno's The Stone House stand out is their beautiful outdoor dining space and historical stone building, but this place is still for casual dining. The family run restaurant features fresh ingredients and every soup and sauce is...  Read More

Bring a bib, 'cause this place will get you nice and sticky. Brothers Barbecue, in Midtown Reno near the Wells Avenue District, is a casual paper plate and plastic fork type of establishment that features traditional St. Louis and Texas style...  Read More

Great Full Gardens Cafe & Eatery in MidTown Reno offers a casual and healthful menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a full coffee, beer and wine menu. The restaurant features items from local farms, vendors and their own greenhouse. The...  Read More

This is where the locals go for a huge breakfast that will last you way into the evening. Peg's is a popular coffee and breakfast spot that is well know for its huge portions, excellent staff and fun selection various items including stacks of...  Read More


This is not the nicest restaurant in town, but this dive of a diner serves up Heaven on a plate (or in this case) a basket. The Awful Awful is the famous burger of Reno that has been a star on Food Wars on FoodTV and there's a reason: the huge,...  Read More

India Kabab and Curry has become one of the most popular places for lunch in Reno. It's located just a few miles from downtown in the Midown area on Virginia Street. Their lunch buffet special is priced at $7.95 and their dinner menu items cost...  Read More

This small cafe in Midtown Reno is heaven for soup, salad and sandwich lovers. The ingredients are fresh and the tomato bisque is divine. Other menu items include the Cajun Egg Salad Sandwich ($7.99) with Cajun spiced egg salad, local pea shoots...  Read More

An elegant and classic Thai decor will welcome you to this local favorite. This family run restaurant in Midtown serves authentic and delicious Thai food. They have the classics like Pad Thai and some excellent red, yell and green curry dishes....  Read More

Old Granite Street Eatery
Photo courtesy of Old Granite Street Eatery

This charming little place is located in a refurbished building in the court area of Reno. The decor is clean and inspired by the farm and the food is unusual and most of it is from local farms. The menu features items such as the delicious...  Read More

This little place in Midtown, just south of downtown, serves up salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers and tacos during lunch and items such as Steak and Frite, Berkshire Pork Belly and Duck Confit during dinner. Their Sunday Brunch has Brioche...  Read More


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