Powered Hang Gliding at Lake Tahoe

Sail through this summer -- or winter -- wonderland

By ; published Monday, October 22nd, 2012
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Winter may seem like an odd time to go hang gliding, but when you take a powered hang gliding trip with Hang Gliding Tahoe and pilot Paul Hamilton you will be able to get a bird's eye view of this beautiful alpine lake covered in snow.

Flying over Lake Tahoe
Photo Credit: Hang Gliding Tahoe

Hang Gliding Tahoe offers flight lessons and rides in an FAA-approved light-sport aircraft that features a modern hang gliding wing, very much like a traditional hang glider, but powered by a reliable Rotax aircraft engine. The flights are a safe and fun way to get a great view of the Reno and Lake Tahoe area. When flying in the winter, Paul will outfit you in heated clothing including boots, gloves and vests. Flying in the winter is a wonderful experience when the sun is shining, and since there are no summer thermals rising up from the ground, there is no turbulence.

You can choose from several introductory lessons, including a 40 to 45 minute lesson for $200, a 50 to 60 minute lesson for $250 and a Tahoe Rim lesson that lasts 80 to 90 minutes and costs $330. Additional costs include camera services and wing mounted video capture of your flight. If you are looking to experience flying over Tahoe with another person, you can do a Fly Together package where two people can go up and fly together each with a separate trike and separate flight instructor.


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