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About Princeton

Best known for — and invigorated by the presence of — Princeton University, this compact town carries an historical heritage that predates the American Revolution. However, it was the War for Independence that provided Princeton its lasting fame. Here, in 1777, George Washington led American patriots against General Cornwallis's British forces in the Battle of Princeton. Then, in 1783, the Continental Congress met in the university's famed Nassau Hall, convening here when news came that the peace treaty between Britain and America had been signed. This same structure later served as a temporary capital for the new nation while DC was being established. After the war, Princeton University, which had been chartered in 1746, continued to flourish and give life to the town. And so it does today. The incredibly wealthy Ivy League institution is Princeton's focal point; adjacent to it are appealing Palmer Square Green and a vibrant downtown, burgeoning with upscale shops, restaurants, and businesses. The town not only gets a dose of energy from college students, but thanks to a location midway between Philadelphia and New York, it draws folks from those cities as well, who come to Princeton for its quiet, picturesque...  Read more »