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Quote OpenDowntown's Skip Maisel's buys pottery, jewelry, sculpture and paintings directly from Native American artists, so you know the work is authentic and the artists are receiving a fair price for their work. Retail prices are among the best in the state for this level of high-quality art.Quote Closed






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New Mexico is known worldwide as a mecca for fine art, jewelry, Native American art and southwest-flavored clothes, boots, hats and accessories. In Albuquerque, all of this can be found, often for less than in its neighbors to the north. From off-the-path trading posts to new outdoor shopping areas with all the latest and greatest, Albuquerque has a fun, eclectic, sophisticated and cultural shopping scene. For stylish kitsch, explore the local shops in Nob Hill on Route 66. Old Town and nearby areas are where you want to look for pottery and jewelry. ABQ Uptown shopping area is a new outdoor center with upscale boutiques, restaurants and spas. Cottonwood and Coronado malls have the larger chains. Check out this list for just a feel for the unique retail adventures that await you.

- Albuquerque Expert Steve Larese