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Cheers, groans, beer, and plenty of big-screen TVs - they're the major components of any popular sports bar, and we bring you the top entries in New York. Meet your buddies for wings, nachos, and a full slate of football, basketball, boxing, baseball, hockey, and NASCAR. Even if you happen to come alone, you can count on finding a crowd to hang with, as long as you're wearing the right colors and logos! 10Best readers give a big, overall thumbs-up to 40/40 Club, and they applaud Auction House for its tasty bar food - a must when you're following a big game. The best sports bars in New York? Game on!

10 Auction House
If you want to see the preferred watering hole of quite a few of the New York Rangers, try this rather eclectic bar and grill. The Auction House's interior boasts an interesting hodgepodge of sports memorabilia and antique furniture, making it ideal for either watching the big game or perhaps even a first date. Indeed, where else can you catch the Rangers and the Bruins under the watchful eye of a nude portrait? The Auction's back area, a living room complete with a comfortable sofa and fireplace, is a popular after-work meeting place during the week. NB The bar has a 25-and-older policy on weekends. TRAIN: 4, 5, 6 to 86th St (212-427-4458)

9 O'Flanagan's
This Irish-style pub tends to get lively at times — especially if there is a big boxing match or game on the tube. Indeed, the pub is a safe harbor for sports junkies, who clamor here in the early evening and tend to stay late. Also popular with the neighborhood folk, area business types, and the occasional bartender, O'Flanagan's is the type of place where everybody is welcome and treated the same. TRAIN: 4, 5, 6 to 86th St (212-439-0660)

8 House of Brews
There really shouldn't be any surprise as to what this Midtowner is all about. Just in case, it's "Beer, beer, sports, beer, sports, and, oh yes, beer." Need proof? Try this on for size: The beer list features some 80 varieties representing more than 30 countries. Dark and pubby, the place is aesthetically perfect for downing a few specialty brews, and with the TVs always tuned to sports, there are really few reasons to leave the place once you've settled into a stool, a pint and a dozen wings. That is, unless it's to go check out the goings on at the 51st Street location! TRAIN: A, C, E to 42nd St-Port Authority (212-245-0551)

7 Manchester Pub
Manchester Pub offers New Yorkers the chance to experience an authentic English-style pub in all its glory. The neighborhood folks and even a few diplomats from the United Nations enjoy the pub's laid-back atmosphere and the fact that, here, Boddington's flows freely. If you are looking for a place to catch football — UK-style of course — or to just toss back a few Boddington's, then this Midtown East pub should be high on your list. TRAIN: 4, 5, 6 to 51st St- Lexington Ave (212-935-8901, 212-935-8905)

6 Patrick Kavanagh's
Patrick Kavanagh's is the consummate NYC sports pub: dark mahogany accents, real Irish barkeeps and, plenty of rich Guinness draught. The pub's cozy atmosphere and excellent service will make you feel like you stumbled into your home away from home. Kavanagh's is also THE place in Murray Hill to catch live local, out of town and international sporting events. The menu features everything from appetizers to succulent hamburgers and sautéed shrimp. With its chummy staff this place also enjoys a good bit of popularity with business types, who flood in here after work for a pint or two. TRAIN: 4, 5, 6 to 33rd St (212-889-4304)

5 Sutton Place Bar and Restaurant
Enjoy your after-work cocktails at one of the Sutton Place's four spacious bar areas. The main area features a long bar and two projection screens. The upstairs bar is an intimate space with French doors spanning one wall, and for those who prefer a more homey setting, the Skylight Lounge offers several cozy couches and chairs as well as an excellent view of the city. In the warmer months, the rooftop "Terrace" offers a spectacular setting for early evening cocktails. TRAIN: 4, 5, 6, 7 to Grand Central-42nd St (212-207-3777)

4 Croxley Ales
Styled after an English ale house, this Alphabet City watering hole has become a well-adored gathering spot for two main reasons: First, from regional microbrews to little known imports, the selection of beer is astounding (basically, you can order 100 times and taste something different each round). Secondary to the brews, they have strategically placed TVs so that you to see whatever game's on from just about anywhere (bathrooms excluded). And just in case the point wasn't clearly made above: Croxley's has a lot of beer. And it's all good beer, too. TRAIN: F, V at Lower East Side-2nd Ave (212-253-6140)

3 Kinsale Tavern
A true, fun-loving Irish sports pub, Kinsale takes very little about itself seriously. That is to say, folks from all walks of life are welcome to stop by here, grab a stool, order a pint and watch whatever closed circuit action's on the tube — Premiership matches, hurling, Gaelic football, rugby, and even college or NFL football. They complement the sports with great selections of whiskey and beer culled from all corners of the British Isles. For an especially fulfilling day, stop by on Sunday for their Irish breakfast, which many regard as one of the best in town. TRAIN: 6 to 96th St; 4, 5 to 86th St (212-348-4370)

2 Bounce Restaurant & Sports Lounge
Boasting a dozen wide-screen plasma TVs and raised bar area (for optimal viewing, of course), Bounce is without question a cool place to meet with friends. Rough brick walls and exposed duct-work give the place a modern, industrial look, which seems to work quite well with the youngish clientele that's drawn here to watch college football, hoops or the NFL. As for eats, Bounce's kitchen serves up familiar ditties like chicken wings and wrap sandwiches as well as a few surprises (soft tacos, rock shrimp linguini, and mac & cheese croquettes, to name a few). TRAIN: 6 to 77th St (212-535-2183)

1 40/40 Club
For all intents and purposes, this Flatiron spot is far too sexy to be thrown into the sports bar mix. This looks like a place where people with expensive taste in clothes and cognac (Read: A-listers) gather and indulge. Not surprisingly, 40/40 attracts plenty of big names — after all, Jay-Z is a co-owner — with its sophisticated environs. But make no mistake: Thanks to 15 LCD and 8 plasma-screen TVs, it's also one of the best places in town to catch the game. NB The place's name pays homage to baseball's Jose Canseco, Alex Rodriguez, Alfonso Soriano and Barry Bonds (the only Big Leaguers to tally 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in one season). TRAIN: N, R, F, V, 1, 9 to 23rd St (212-832-4040)

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Maps and Directions

Auction House 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar, Lounge, Sports Bar
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
O'Flanagan's 10Best List Arrow
Type: Live Music, Sports Bar
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
House of Brews 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar, Late Night / After Hours, Sports Bar
Neighborhood: Hell's Kitchen
Manchester Pub 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar, Late Night / After Hours, Pub, Sports Bar
Neighborhood: Midtown East
Patrick Kavanagh's 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar, Pub, Sports Bar
Neighborhood: Murray Hill
Sutton Place Bar and Restaurant 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar, Late Night / After Hours, Sports Bar
Neighborhood: Midtown East
Croxley Ales 10Best List Arrow
Type: Pub, Sports Bar
Neighborhood: EAST VILLAGE
Kinsale Tavern 10Best List Arrow
Type: Pub, Sports Bar
Neighborhood: UPPER EAST SIDE
Bounce Restaurant & Sports Lounge 10Best List Arrow
Type: Sports Bar
Neighborhood: UPPER EAST SIDE
40/40 Club 10Best List Arrow
Type: Bar, Late Night / After Hours, Lounge, Sports Bar
Neighborhood: Flatiron District
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