Certain restaurants are known for their expertise at turning out signature foods really well. They've pinned down the ingredients, mastered the process, and gained a strong following as a result. New York has had much success cultivating great restaurants and creating a substantial market for Sushi. Locals can't get enough of the city's excellent food, and you'll often find them, along with eager tourists, at popular Nobu or at SushiAnn, a major player in the field. Make sure you see what all the fuss is about!


Popular among Japanese purists and American tourists, this rather sparsely decorated Midtown sushi bar offers something for any palate. Try the "deluxe" sushi selection with nine pieces, the best of which are the uni and salmon roe. Ask for a...  Read More


An artistically designed Japanese restaurant offering some of the freshest sushi in the city at moderate prices. Order a combination dinner or create your own sushi or sashimi combination, including more unusual choices such as orange clam and...  Read More

With two separate restaurants (also at 237 Park Avenue), there is enough of this uncommonly fresh sushi for either the business meeting or a casual sit-down. Deluxe option includes 10 sushi pieces of the chef's choosing plus tuna roll. Diners...  Read More

Financial District

Punctuated by frequent visits from celebrities and the New York elite, Nobu serves food that definitely lives up to its reputation. Try the "new-style sashimi," lightly cooked with garlic and ginger-flavored olive oil. Squid pasta is also a good...  Read More


Even though hard to find, this restaurant is really a must – as the long line at dinner usually suggests. Try the fresh and tantalizing salmon teriyaki or the vegetable tempura with a good beer or glass of wine. Portions are generous, so bring...  Read More

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar
Photo courtesy of Blue Ribbon photo by Steve Hill

A sibling to the popular Blue Ribbon Restaurant, Blue Ribbon Sushi offers tantalizingly fresh, somewhat pricey choices in its modest SoHo digs. Good choices include creative takes on dragon rolls, fresh sea urchin and cooked shallots and roe. A...  Read More

Tomoe Sushi

From street level, this popular Greenwich Village sushi stop seems a bit understated, but don't be fooled. The kitchen more than makes up for the spare ambiance with such excellent concoctions as shrimp dumplings, salmon sautéed in butter and...  Read More


This celebrity hot-spot offers an attractive setting, chic diners and an excellent menu to delight even the most fussy of palates. The creative kitchen comes up with delectable offerings such as oba-leaf sorbet and sushi topped with gold leaf....  Read More

Kuruma Zushi

There is only one thing on the menu, sushi, but the experience is worth it. To get the best meal possible, forget the cost and let the brilliant chef prepare one of his hard-to-find sushi specialties. The scallops and pickled vegetables are a...  Read More


Owner/chef Nao Sugiyama's Midtown West restaurant specializes in terrific Tokyo-style cuisine. The Sugiyama's innovative kaiseki menu runs the gamut – anywhere between five and 14 superb courses that include delicious monkfish liver as an...  Read More