Stylish Brunching is a Tradition in the Big Apple

Brunch is a New York tradition not unrealistically featured in countless articles, movies and TV shows. It's a topic of much discussion and impassioned debate among the locals as well.  Many consider it the highlight of their week. So why is brunching so important? Maybe we city-folk love this meal because it is about relaxing with your friends and overindulging - two things that are sometimes a luxury with our busy schedules. Residents are constantly rushing from work to the train, to pressing social engagements and back again. We dash frantically in and out with an ever-expanding list of obligations. Weekend brunch is a great time to forget the pressures of city-life and really enjoy a meal with friends.  Ignoring the clock and sipping professionally crafted cocktails and coffees is enticing to say the least.  As a visitor, take advantage of our passion and connoisseurship. Whether the flaky biscuits at Egg tickle your fancy or you crave the brasserie style eats at Balthazar, we've got you covered. In New York, brunch is serious business, an all day event filled with delectable treats and constant conversation. Take some time to satisfy your cravings, but remember anything beloved by New Yorkers usually requires a little patience and comes with a long line.

8 Cafe Mogador
Cafe Mogador provides and authentic feeling Moroccan brunch in two locations (Williamsburg, Brooklyn and East Village, Manhattan). Hardwood floors, painted brick walls and subtle lighting lend it a feeling of European expatriate in morocco that perfectly combines with the exotic smells and tastes of their brunch menu to create a unique brunch experience. They even serve coffee in ornate silver pitchers. Cafe Mogador rotates their menu seasonally to ensure top quality ingredients, uses organic eggs and cooks their signature dish (tangerines and couscous) daily. Go on an escape in the middle of the City. Full bar. TRAIN East Village F to 2nd Ave or M to 1st Ave, Williamsburg L to Bedford Ave ((212) 677-2226)

7 Veselka
Established in 1954 at their popular East Village location, Veselka has been exposing New Yorkers to an interesting and different kind of brunch for well over 50 years. No country biscuits on this menu, instead loyalists nosh on cheese blintz with homemade fruit compote and sour cream and the ever-popular Meat Plate (Pierogies and stuffed cabbage with borscht). Described as "Ukrainian soul food," Veselka is the best of both worlds. American traditions blend easily with ricotta, strong black teas and satisfying eastern delicacies. A bustling and crowded atmosphere make for a quintessentially New York experience. Also a location in Bowery. (212-228-9682)

6 Prune
The long list of inventive bloody marys alone is probably enough to entice any seasoned bruncher to Prune. Featuring crazy combinations like Herradura Anejo tequila and actually chipotle peppers (the Southwest) or Aquavit, fresh fennel and anchovy (the Danish), taste-testing marys could be an all day experience. But the brunch itself is impressive. Try the Fresh Ricotta with raspberries, figs, toasted pine nuts and honey or the Sausage and Oysters, lamb sausage and fresh Malpeques with stewed tomatoes and bread for dipping. Bistro style interior with unfinished wood framed mirrors and nearly blank walls, it's the perfect canvas to keep focus on the amazing cocktails and foods. TRAIN: F to 2nd Ave (212-677-6221)

5 The Farm on Adderly
Keep it simple is the motto of chef Tom Kearney of The Farm on Adderly. Serve good food, use a wide variety of ingredients locally grown/raised where possible and don't overcomplicate it. A trip to their website walks you through the local farms and dairies that supply the Brooklyn cult favorite's choice ingredients. With yummy slants on classic brunch dishes like Red Flannel Hash (made with beets and red potatoes and beet mustard) and Fisherman's Eggs (served poached over smoked trout), it's easy to see how The Farm won over their loyal clientele. Pretty interior with rustic exposed brick and tin ceiling perfectly compliment the menu. Outdoor seating available. Full bar. TRAIN: Q to Courtelyou Rd., Brooklyn ((718) 287-3101)

4 Home/Made
Munch on favorites like truffled eggs and Parmesan scramble and citrusy brioche French toast while lounging on couches and sipping darkly fragrant espressos or Brooklyn kambucha. The atmosphere is one of relaxed comfort perfect for brunching. Ingredients are local and fresh; the baked goods are hearty and fresh baked. Home/Made is the type of brunch place where you may just be able to sneak directly to a table on a Sunday at noon. And if you are lucky enough enjoy brilliant brunch without a wait, you may just get to relax and linger (as opposed to some of the more well known brunch spots on this list). Beer and wine only. TRAIN: F or G to Carroll St., or B61 bus ((347) 223-4135)

3 Buttermilk Channel
Although they are famous for their buttermilk fried chicken - not served during brunch - you won't miss it. Try the buttermilk fried pork chop with cheddar waffles instead, or a smorgasbord of rich and delectable items that pair perfectly with the best assorted bloody marys around. Try the Star of the Sea with a fresh oyster in the halfshell or the Otis made with Jameson's Irish Whisky and Six Point Otis Stout (the brewery is in the neighborhood). The atmosphere is communal and crowded. The bright interior and outdoor patio are usually jammed with hungry customers, but it is all part of Buttermilk's philosophy: Meals should be shared...preferably in close quarters. Chat up your near neighbors while drooling over the homemade donuts and pecan pie French toast. TRAIN: F or G to Carroll St. ((718) 852-8490)

2 Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant
This unassuming Tribeca bakery has become a Manhattan hotspot for brunch. This husband-wife duo has been catering to carb lovers since 2001. With just 32 seats in this bright, casual eatery, long lines form early. So why is it worth it? They have a cookbook, they've been featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay, their blueberry pancakes have been NYMag's top pick... twice, and these are just some of accolades earned by Clinton Street. Try the buttermilk biscuit sandwich, brioche French toast with warm maple butte or fried green tomatoes and grits. Don't worry, they have a full bar to quench a brunch goers thirst for bloodys and belinis. TRAIN: F to Delancey St; J, M, Z to Essex St (646-602-6263)

1 Balthazar
Traditional French cuisine with distinctly American flare enjoyed in a tastefully lavish atmosphere makes for a truly memorable breakfast. Brasserie-style Balthazar delivers the most glamorous brunch on our list, featuring decadent dishes like eggs in puff pastry, grilled trout and sour cream hazelnut waffles. They even have a featured crepe of the day and their very own bakery. Brunch in NYC is usually a casual affaire, but Balthazar is extravagant. Whether you try their full brunch or just freshly baked croissants and giant cups of coffee, it's definitely worth the expensive price tag. Feel free to indulge. TRAIN: 6 to Spring St. (212-965-1414)

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Cafe Mogador 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Moroccan
Neighborhood: East Village
Veselka 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: European, Ukrainian
Neighborhood: East Village
Prune 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Continental
Dining Options: Catering, Disabled Accessible, Parties / Private Rooms
COST: $$
The Farm on Adderly 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Comfort Food
Neighborhood: Brooklyn
Home/Made 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Comfort Food
Buttermilk Channel 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Comfort Food
Neighborhood: Brooklyn
Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American
Dining Options: Catering, Delivery, Disabled Accessible, Family Friendly, Non-Smoking, Parties / Private Rooms, Pastry Chef, Take Out
Neighborhood: Lower East Side
COST: $$
Balthazar 10Best List Arrow
Dining Options: Bar / Lounge, Bar Dining, Disabled Accessible, Group Friendly, Non-Smoking, Parties / Private Rooms
Cuisine: European, French
Neighborhood: Soho
COST: $$