Stylish Brunching is a Tradition in the Big Apple

Julia Smith

By , Local Expert, New York
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Brunch is a New York tradition not unrealistically featured in countless articles, movies and TV shows. It's a topic of much discussion and impassioned debate among the locals as well.  Many consider it the highlight of their week. So why is brunching so important? Maybe we city-folk love this meal because it is about relaxing with your friends and overindulging - two things that are sometimes a luxury with our busy schedules. Residents are constantly rushing from work to the train, to pressing social engagements and back again. We dash frantically in and out with an ever-expanding list of obligations. Weekend brunch is a...  Read more »

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    Local Expert Tip: "One of the few places on the list that take reservations, be sure to book in advance."

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    Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant

    Local Expert Tip: "February is pancake month with featured pancake specials served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's right, they love pancakes so much at Clinton Street Baking Co. that they have an entire month dedicated to them. "

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    Buttermilk Channel

    Local Expert Tip: "The "Buttermilk Channel" is actually a body of water (with notoriously erratic currents) located between the restaurant's area of Brooklyn and Governor's Island. The name dates back to a time when the island was the best place to pasture your dairy cows. Apparently the channel was so ruff that milk would churn itself on the trip."

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    Local Expert Tip: "On sunny summer days, the quaint outdoor space at Home/Made is not to be missed."

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    The Farm on Adderly

    Local Expert Tip: "The Farm on Adderly is not actually on Adderly street. It's an old South African expression meaning something like "yeah right, keep dreaming." Adderly is the main drag in Cape Town, SA and thus not a possible place for a farm. "The farm on Adderly" is a dream, an ideal."

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    Local Expert Tip: "Despite the wide variety of fresh seafood and meats on the Prune menu, they are actually a vegetarian favorite, making substitutions and creating meat-free masterpieces."

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    • Average Main Course Price: $10
    • Neighborhood: Brooklyn

    Local Expert Tip: "Come hungry and prepared to wait."

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    Local Expert Tip: "Priced between $13 and $16 the veggie and meat plate selection is a filling and enticingly cheap option. Also, Vaselka and its meat plate were featured in the movie Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist."

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    Local Expert Tip: "DuMont is quintessential Williamsburg, definitely a stop on the tour of this famous Brooklyn neighborhood."

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    Cafe Mogador

    Local Expert Tip: "For something different, try the Moroccan Benedict with spicy tomato sauce. Yum!"



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