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    9. NoLIta

    NoLita, (North of Little Italy), was once the tenement filled home base to thousands of immigrants who came to New York for a better life. Now, chic and super cool, the streets are filled with one of a kind...

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    8. Union Square

    Super mega stores like DSW for shoes, Daffy's and Nordstrom Rack offer bargains galore. Holiday time is when the outdoor tents feature all sorts of gifts, handmade soaps, scarves, and craft items. Home to the...

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    7. Hell's Kitchen (Clinton)

    Hell's Kitchen, now renamed Clinton District, was one of New York's roughest, toughest gang neighborhoods back in the day. Now, Ninth Avenue is a trendy assortment of bars, cool restaurants, and coffee shops. Always...

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    6. Chinatown

    One of the most populated Chinatown's in the United States, NY's is a dazzling trip into authenticity. Canal Street to City Hall covers blocks and blocks of this ethic neighborhood, where you'll find roasted ducks...

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    5. SoHo

    SoHo (short for South of House-ton) was once home to New York's factories from sewing to iron foundries. Now, the warehouse buildings have all been converted to loft spaces used for living (if you're super rich) and...

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    4. Lower East Side

    The Lower East Side has completely had a make-over. Once one of the roughest neighborhoods in town, it's been reborn into the trendiest spot in town. Boutiques that feature designers who design and sew their own...

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    3. Madison Avenue

    Madison Avenue from 59th street to the 90's is home to Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Luca Luca, Hermes, Carolina Herrara and almost every high fashion designer and jeweler has an outpost here. Hotels like...

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    1. Fifth Avenue

    Fifth Avenue has always been the center of elegance in New York. Start spending at Saks Fifth Avenue, and work your way up to the super-chic Bergdorf Goodman. There's a separate store exclusively for men across the...

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About New York, NY Shopping

Cutting edge fashions, modern art, books, flea market finds, gourmet foods, fine jewelry, funky home accessories, designer handbags, antique furniture – it's all available in NYC, in abundance. This is the ultimate consumer city, a mecca for shopaholics. If you're in the market for haute couture, super-stylish shoes, and the like, Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Broadway in Soho and the Lower East Side are good starting points. There are fabulous art galleries clustered in Chelsea.  The city is also home to a number of huge department stores, including stalwarts Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bendel's and Bergdorf's. But budget shoppers are in heaven at Union Square where Nordstrom Rack, Daffy's and DSW offer real deals.

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