University Area

Take a stroll or a jog across this large university campus, where rolling hills and modern academic buildings make it a perfect place to get lost in your own little world for an hour or two. From the athletic fields on West Campus to Van...  Read More

Lake Norman

Lake Norman's 520 miles of shoreline create an oasis for fun in the sun, just north of Charlotte off I-77. The lake is where Charlotte's "beautiful people" – and those who imagine themselves to be – come to spend summer weekends. Boats are...  Read More

On the fringe of Uptown's concrete and asphalt is an intimate, restored neighborhood known as the Fourth Ward. Picturesque streets are populated with quaint gingerbread-trimmed homes and manicured lawns. In the late 1970s, the residences were...  Read More

Charlotte Motor Speedway

For more than 50 years, Charlotte Motor Speedway has set the standard for motorsports entertainment for fans of all ages. Charlotte Motor Speedway is the only race vacation destination where fans can immerse themselves in the heart of NASCAR...  Read More

Bank of America Corporate Center

This modern high-rise is a popular Uptown spot for both sightseers and residents. Historical portraits of the city dot the corridors of this architecturally stunning site. Take an elevator to the peak of this astonishing, scalloped-topped skyscraper. A true adventure!

This granite memorial serves as a reminder of the local men and women who served in the armed forces during the Vietnam War. The memorial is surrounded by shady oak trees that give a peaceful feeling to the emotional site. The memorial also...  Read More