Things to do in Cincinnati, OH

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Things to See

The city's attractions include picturesque sections close to the downtown area showcasing 19th century architecture and views of the Ohio River and downtown in the Mount Adams area. Kings Island is a theme park with boardwalks, replicas of internationally famous landmarks and roller coasters, while Boomerang Bay offers 15 acres of water-related diversions.

Take It or Leave It:

Cincinnati is a sport fans' delight, and tickets to baseball and football games can be ordered online.

Where to Stay

Cincinnati offers a range of accommodations. Mid-range hotels like Garfield Suites Hotel and the Millennium Hotel Cincinnati are located in the downtown area close to several of the city's attractions. Several luxury hotels, like the Cincinnatian Hotel and the Hilton Netherland Plaza, are also located downtown and offer extras like attached restaurants, lounges and pools.


Several hotels are actually in Covington, KY, but they are still quite conveniently located a short walk from downtown Cincinnati.

What to Eat

Cincinnati offers a range of eating options. Several pubs like Christian Moerlein Lager House and Nicholson's Tavern and Pub have menus featuring a range of beers and dishes that either go well with beer or in which beer is one of the main ingredients. The city has several international options including Indian, Chinese and Italian restaurants. High-end options include the romantic Celestial Steakhouse, with its large selection of wines, and Boi Na Brazza, a Brazilian steakhouse.

Be Sure to Sample:

The city is famous for its chili, finely ground meat normally served over spaghetti.

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Places to Party

Cincinnati has a host of performing arts including ballet, opera, classical music, and plays and musicals put on at the Playhouse in the Park. Several bars, like Arnold's Bar and Grill, play a selection of live music, while microbreweries are located in the Over-the-Rhine district. Restaurant Row is an area that's also filled with bars and clubs catering to young professionals.


Several of the city's nightlife districts get very busy on the weekends.

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Where to Shop

Each of Cincinnati's neighborhoods has its own shopping districts. International items are found in the Clifton Gaslight District, while luxury fashion stores are found in Hyde Park and Oakley Square. The Findlay Market in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood not only offers fresh food, but also contains restaurants and shops that have been open since 1855.


The Findlay Market is not open on Monday.



Things to do in Cincinnati