9 Taylorsville Metropark
Historic ruins and the Great Miami River make this park unique among others in the area. Fishing, picnicking, hiking, and canoeing are popular pastimes within the large, 1,300-acre park. Special places of interest include local portions of the Buckeye Trail, which (in its entirety) encircles Ohio; the Miami-Erie Canal, a large manmade trench that facilitated water transportation in the mid-19th century; and the remains of a once-busy, 19th-century village called Tadmor. (937-275-7275)

8 Wegerzyn Gardens Horticultural Center
Informational exhibits and programs are standard at this center, which was founded in 1973 by Benjamin Wegerzyn. Meticulously manicured gardens and lawns comprise the center, and visitors can browse a Victorian garden, a children's discovery garden, and a garden designed to mimic ones characteristic of America's Federal period. Folks can also follow a boardwalk that stretches over a swamp forest area of about 350 feet. (937-277-6545, 937-275-7275)

7 Carriage Hill Metropark & Historical Farm
An educational experience awaits children and adults alike in this vast, 900-acre park. In addition to a working farm that demonstrates what it was like to live in the 1880s, this park also offers a number of recreational activities. Visitors are encouraged to appreciate the natural surroundings while hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, picnicking, or cross-country skiing. (937-275-7275, 937-878-8940)

6 Cox Arboretum
There are 180 acres of land awaiting nature enthusiasts in this pleasant park. Walking trails navigate their way through different landscapes, beautifully manicured gardens are available for guests to admire, and guided tours are available upon request. The public is invited throughout the year to learn more about horticulture through the classes, seminars, and programs that are held here. (937-434-9005)

5 Eastwood Metropark
If you are looking for a fun, wholesome way to spend an afternoon alone or with friends or family, Eastwood Metropark is the place to go. Lakes, lagoons, ponds and rivers provide opportunities to engage in any number of water sports. Trails wind throughout the land, offering walkers and joggers a variety of scenic views. Bird watchers will enjoy sighting the waterfowl and northern orioles, while families can enjoy one another with a peaceful picnic. Special events such as boat races and fishing tournaments are held here throughout the year. (937-275-7275)

4 Englewood Metropark
More than 1,500 acres wait to be explored within this massive park. Trails devoted to hiking, biking, horseback riding, and walking cover 12-plus miles and offer picturesque views of lakes, waterfalls, meadows, and forests. Many people take advantage of local terrain for water sports like canoeing and fishing. Sledding, ice skating, ice fishing, and cross-country skiing are popular during winter months. (937-275-7275)

3 Germantown Metropark
Boating, fishing, picnicking, and birding are among the popular pastimes available at this 1400-acre park. Boardwalks and trails wind through rich natural surroundings for mile upon mile, revealing an abundance of scenic views. Additional attractions include an underground nature center with informative exhibits and a gift shop. Group camping, picnics, and winter sports are also on offer. (937-275-7275)

2 Carillon Historical Park
You can't miss the entrance to this historical park — it's marked by a 151-foot tall bell tower with 57 bells that ring every hour. The park itself is on 65 acres of land that house a number of historic buildings, such as Newcom Tavern, a log cabin that is one of the Dayton's oldest buildings. Additional highlights include a one-room schoolhouse, the Wright Flyer III (the Wright brothers' first real operating flying machine), and an exhibit of antique automobiles. (937-293-2841)

1 Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm
Over 300 acres of varied landscape make up this natural haven, which was the very first nature center in this area of the US. In addition to prairie land, meadows, and woodlands, the park also contains a functioning farm. The flora, fauna, and agriculture found here have made this a wonderful educational experience for children and adults alike. Roughly six miles of paths are available for visitors to explore the natural surroundings on foot. Additional educational events such as the Apple Fest and Quilt Auction are held here each year. (937-890-7360)

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Taylorsville Metropark 10Best List Arrow
Type: Historic Sites, Outdoor Activities, Parks
Neighborhood: TAYLORSVILLE
Wegerzyn Gardens Horticultural Center 10Best List Arrow
Type: Gardens
Carriage Hill Metropark & Historical Farm 10Best List Arrow
Type: Parks, Reserves
Cox Arboretum 10Best List Arrow
Type: Gardens, Parks
Neighborhood: CENTERVILLE
Eastwood Metropark 10Best List Arrow
Type: Outdoor Activities, Outdoor Activities - Summer, Parks
Englewood Metropark 10Best List Arrow
Type: Outdoor Activities, Parks
Neighborhood: AIRPORT - DAY
Germantown Metropark 10Best List Arrow
Type: Outdoor Activities, Parks
Neighborhood: GERMANTOWN
Carillon Historical Park 10Best List Arrow
Type: Historic Sites, History Museums, Museums, Parks
Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm 10Best List Arrow
Type: Farms / Ranches, Parks
Neighborhood: AIRPORT - DAY
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