Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Portland's Central Eastside

Portland, Oregon is known for having coffee shops around every corner. In fact there's often more than one coffee shop on a corner. Portland even has coffee shops inside their grocery stores. The Central Eastside part of Portland is no exception to this and is home to tons of small coffee shops each with their own unique vibe and coffee brew. We scoured Central Eastside Portland and have narrowed down hundreds of coffee shops into a list of what we consider to be the top ten in this area. We kept many things in mind when selecting a coffee shop for our list. We considered the atmosphere like Rocking Frog Café, a fun place to relax, read a book, or play a game. We've included coffee shops like Coava Coffee who only make their coffee unlike all the others and Fresh Pot who's gone out of their way to bring the best of Portland all together at one coffee shop. We've even included Rimsky-Korskoffee House it's so good and popular that it also make our best desserts list. Not matter what kind of coffee shop experience you prefer there is sure to be one on our list that you will love.

Fresh on the Portland scene, The Hazel Room specializes in a unique trade: alcoholic tea, coffee cocktails and interesting breakfast creations. They serve breakfast all day long, so if you're looking for a sweet pastry or delicious scone at any...  Read More

Utopia Cafe

A perfect hangout throughout the day, Utopia is a treasure of a cafe. Its Belmont neighborhood has been trendy for a few years but hasn't lost its character or its heart as a result of its popularity. Utopia is the same way. You can find other...  Read More

Set in an old home, unmarked by signage, this much-loved coffee house has been a haven for Portland residents. Its owner, Goody Cable, has an unconventional approach to business and lets the place create its own niche. Most nights, you'll find...  Read More

Common Grounds Coffee House

Common Grounds is one of the most popular coffee shops in the Hawthorne District and has been for years. Located on the eastside, it's cheerful, airy, and welcoming with warm, comfortable, overstuffed furniture. People tend to take their time...  Read More

Located inside the Hawthorne branch of Powell's Books, the Fresh Pot is a great place to get delicious Stumptown coffee. Beans are fresh and strong, prices are low, and the toy collection is fun to play with while you wait for your drink. They...  Read More

Coava is a family of hardworking people who are passionate about excellent coffee. We source, roast and brew the best single origin coffees in the world. What began as a dream has evolved into a roastery unlike any other. The name Coava was...  Read More

Rocking Frog Cafe
Photo courtesy of Rocking Frog Cafe

Rocking Frog Café located in an older craftsman home on Belmont serves Ristretto Roasters a local coffee, because they believe in preparing an excellent cup of coffee that is refined for the connoisseur, yet accessible to the casual drinker....  Read More

Stumptown has become so popular that some even refer to Portland affectionately as Stumptown. Specializing in French press coffee and espresso drinks, this coffee shop takes its coffee very seriously and serves only the best to dedicated fans....  Read More

Built on a converted 1902 freight elevator and housing a good portion of of antique coffee collection and is Mudd Works Roastery new home. They kept as much of the elevator as they could and put in a massive wall of windows and left the funk of...  Read More

Good Coffee is a neighborhood coffee shop in a small inviting space. . Here you can enjoy unique coffee choices like the Maple and Smoked Orange Latte made with espresso, milk, cinnamon dust, and a reduction of Canadian maple, Valencia orange,...  Read More


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