Best Eclectic Antique Shops and Markets in Portland, Oregon

Antiques add a layer of depth to any home or office: a sense of quality, history, refinement, and grace. The right antique can become a focal point of a room or become a converstaion piece for years to come. It's no wonder that people find them hard to resist. If you're the type of person who can't pass by a shop, just wondering what may lie within, you'll relish Portland's bounty. A wide selection of antiques of all vintages, provenances, and places of origin can be found. 10Best has scoured the antique shops in Portland and brought you what we think is the top shops. We've found shops like Classic Home & Antiques that carries that carry unique items like Edwardian etched glass doors and other European finds.  We've included small shops like Hoodoo Antiques and Design whose owner actually upcycles antiques into one of a kind creations. Our editors and readers particularly applaud Monticello Antique Market as you will with one glance at the merchandise. It's without a doubt one of Portland's best antique shops. Of course no list of antique shops in Portland would be complete without mentions Stars Antique Mall, a long time locals favorite that has hundreds of dealers bringing you a massive variety of antiques.

Antique Alley
Antique Alley is located in the lower level of the Hollywood 42nd Street Station and has almost 100 dealers that sell antiques and vintage items. If you enjoy treasuring hunting for antiques then this is the place for you. Here you can find a wide variety of antiques, housewares, and some furniture items. They have a large selection of estate & costume jewelry. Antique Alley also has kitchenware, textiles, and home decor. There is a massive selection of vintage clothing & accessories. Also found here music, books, art glass, dolls, toys and vintage collectables of every genre. ((503) 287-9848)

Antiques & Oddities
Offering unique wares from around the world, Antiques & Oddities operates a wonderfully successful import business based in Bingen, WA. Their Portland shop, located in the Pearl District, has a distinguished Asian flair, with red Tibetan murals covering the exterior and fantastic antique treasures covering the walls and floors inside. From Mongolian chests and Chinese altar tables and artifacts to Afghan tribal jewelry and South American fabrics, the inventory at this shop is well worth a look-see. This shop carries many large antiques and is the place to go if you are looking for a large piece of furniture, like a table, hutch, or dresser. (503-222-4246)

Thea's Vintage Living
Thea's Vintage Living in the Pearl distict sells mostly antiques and vintage items. Here you can find an amazing selection of vintage jewelry, including newer or upcycled jewelry made by local designers. Thea's also has decorations for you home like knick knacks and art. Thea's sells barware, furniture, light fixtures, and much more. After being raised in an antique store Thea, the store's owner, literally has a lifetime of experience in antiques and it's obvious as soon as you step into her store. The store is laid out nicely and is a great place to get inspiration. She's got an eye for stylistic quality and offers estate sale services. ((503) 274-0275)

Porch Light
Porch Light is a boutique antique store that carries a blend of antiques, vintage, replicas, and new jewelry, furniture, dishes, linens, and other items perfect for your home at fair prices. Many of the items are adorable, including the midwest and country kitsch decor. The store is decorated beautifully and is a great place to get inspiration for decorating your own home. Porch Light will ship items all over the world. If you spend over $200 they will ship your items for free in the U.S. Porch Light is no longer on Mississippi, it's now in the Pearl District of Portland. (503-288-8773)

Stars Antique Malls
The Stars Antique Malls encompass two different quality shops under the same management, three friends who love antiques. The different malls include Stars Antique Mall at 7027 SE Milwaukie Blvd. and Stars and Splendid Antique Mall at 7030 SE Milwaukie Blvd. A total of 250 dealers offer their vintage finds at these three shops. Inventory includes almost anything you might be searching for, from books to coins, jewelry and furniture. Shopping here is easier than many antique stores because they layout things in groupings that showcase the items, like a Victorian boudoir or a 1920's parlour, or a 1960's pantry. (503-239-0346)

Hoodoo Antiques & Design
Hoodoo Antiques and Design has been in Portland for almost 20 years and it is not your typical antique store. Mike, the friendly owner, has taken antiques to a whole new level by creating interesting and unique pieces by upcycling and repurposing old items. He takes what was no longer usuable and not only salvages it, but makes them into statement pieces. Although the store is small it is packed with curious oddities. Their collection includes large furniture, artwork, unusual light fixtures, and lots of other weird finds. You can also rent props here. Hoodoo Antiques and Design is only open Thursday through Sunday. ((503) 360-3409)

Kenton Antiques
Kenton Antiques has been selling in North Portland for over 14 years. They sell antique furniture, games, toys, comic books, art, decor, maps, photos, magazines, books, bicycles, tools, and tons of other items. Literally anything you could possibly be looking for is probably in their store. The place is pack with antiques. Kenton Antiques offers some of the most reasonable prices in Portland. Kenton allows some consignment and they are open to trades. They also offer an estate sales service. Their owner Maureen is friendly and helpful, do not hesitate to ask her your question. She's an expert at what she does and love preserving a part of History. ((503) 490-8855)

Monticello Antique Marketplace
Plan to spend a day, or at least an afternoon, at Monticello, a 20,000-square-foot antique emporium home to oven 100 dealers, a restaurant with an espresso bar, and a library. Before scanning the showroom for that prized vintage treasure, visit Monti's Cafe for a mimosa or coffee. Then peruse to your heart's content, being sure to save time for the Salvage Garden, which showcases yard accessories and patio furniture. Monticello's has a great selection of knick knacks, religious antiques, vintage jewelry and clothes, furniture, and much more. Afterward, rest your heels as you refuel with a gourmet sandwich or sweet treat. (503-256-8600)

Troupe Du Loup
Formally know as Little Edie's, Troupe Du Loup has quickly become one of the most popular antique thrift store in Portland, Oregon. Visitors are always pleased to find quality items here at low thrift store like prices at this cute little shop in Northeast Portland. Typically their prices are half what other antique stores charge for similar items. They have all kinds of fun finds like vintage beach towels, clothes, jewelry, shoes, books, tables, dishes, post cards, collectibles, and so much more. Their inventory changes frequently, especially the clothes. Troupe Du Loup is always fun to pop into and see what "new" items they have. ((503) 284-1051)

Noun: A Person's Place for Things
Noun describes its own shop as equal parts curiosity shop, art gallery and modern decor boutique. Noun specializes in pieces that are old, used, bumped into, and passed around. They also have local, handmade items created by artists as well. Stephanie, the owner, handpicks everything she sells in the shop like jewelry, candles, prints, dishes, housewares, notebooks, ornaments, glassware, books, vintage luggage cases, and more. The items are always in good condition and the staff is warm and friendly. Their prices are reasonable, especially the jewelry. They also offer free gift wrapping making it a great place to pick up a gift or too. ((503) 235-0078)

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