Beautiful Beaches in Vieques, Cabo Rojo & Luquillo

Puerto Rico Superb for families

Dreaming of enjoying the charm of the tropics? Flanked by some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is a must-visit destination with plenty of beaches to choose from. Some say Puerto Rico has a beach for everyone, so you're bound to find one that suits your family's needs. Take note, because here are the best beaches for families, where the sand is right for building sand castles and the waters are tranquil and shallow for kids to play and swim. These beaches are also perfect for you and your loved one. Feast your eyes with crystalline waters and untrampled sands, paradise is waiting for you. 


1. Media Luna, Vieques, PR

Considered by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico because of its swimming pool qualities, this beach is truly pristine and is located on Vieques Island, off the east coast of Puerto Rico. Getting here is a little tricky since you need to drive to Fajardo and take the ferry or fly from either Fajardo or San Juan. But once you step foot on this island, you'll see paradise in full bloom. Driving through a long dirt road to reach Media Luna is worth every bump once you lay eyes on this beach; trust me.

2. Boquerón Beach, Cabo Rojo, PR

This is a public beach in the southern town of Cabo Rojo. The beach is a beautiful strip sitting right next to fishing village Boquerón. In Boquerón, also known as “El Poblado” by locals, you can find the freshest seafood around. The beach is a good option for those seeking comfort too. The area offers many facilities such as restrooms, showers, and parking. This beach gets crowded by  families on weekends, so head there if you wish to meet  other families. You’ll see a lot of women cooking rice and beans on the shore, while their husbands BBQ the afternoon away.

3. Luquillo Beach, Luquillo, PR

San Juan locals know best when they drive over 30 miles to visit this beach in the town of Luquillo, on the east coast of the island. The difference from San Juan beaches is quite obvious; the waters are clearer, the sand is softer and the coast is much wider. With a protected shore, an area for camping and plenty of parking space, this is the perfect beach for your family to have fun in the sun. 

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