Plenty of shade trees, local restaurants, parking and shower facilities are just a few of the amenities that make Isla Verde Beach so popular with visitors and locals. This long strip of sand runs by the Isla Verde hotels before it becomes a...  Read More

Flamenco Beach

This lovely, unspoiled beach is a three mile strip located on Culebra Island. This is a wonderful day trip for families since the white sand is extremely soft and the clear blue waters are most often tranquil. Visitors are also likely to see old...  Read More

Luquillo Beach

This beach, located about 30 miles outside of San Juan, is worth the trip. It is a scenic and unspoiled area but very comfortable facilities are available. Changing rooms with lockers and showers, picnic tables and camping sites are available...  Read More

Located just steps from the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel, Condado Beach has calm water so it's ideal for families. It's also convenient to public transportation, restaurants, and other services.

Ocean Park Beach

Near a quiet residential neighborhood, the waters at this beach are a bit rougher than at some of San Juan's other sandy spots. It is an ideal spot for windsurfing and volleyball. Sun worshippers will prefer to relax on the golden sands and watch others do the work.