Best Nevis Shopping

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    Newcastle Pottery

    Creative collective in the Newcastle section of the island uses old world techniques to hand blow and form glass bowls. The bowls are shaped over fires in...

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    Island Hopper

    Main Street Charlestown shop sells vibrant and traditional clothing as well as beachwear and collectible items. The prices are very good for the variety of...

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    While not as bustling as other Caribbean capitals, Charlestown does have a selection of quaint shops and tourist shopping areas that cater to the...

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    Island Fever

    Main Street shop offers buyers a range of fashions from around the world. From beachwear, to handmade jewelry and casual dinner attire, this shop has...

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    Nevis Handicraft Society

    This little shop in downtown Charlestown near the wharf and the public market sells a variety of handmade and crafted items from island residents. Browsers...

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    Charlestown Market Place

    This traditional Caribbean marketplace is home to a variety of booths and stalls where locals sell a variety of wares, from handmade items to fresh fruits,...

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    Eva Wilkin Art Gallery

    Eva Wilkin is without doubt the most famous artist to call Nevis home and her work today is a rare find for collectors. The gallery showcases Wilkin's work...

Local Expert Shopping Recommendations

Local Expert Shopping Recommendations