Hong Kong's Best Take-Outs: A Guide to Eating on Your Feet

Here's an amazing fact. In Hong Kong, McDonald's is judged to be a cool spot for a first date. Air-conditioned, inexpensive, it's neutral territory yet slightly exotic. Do you want first base, er, fries with that?

Take out is a way of life in Hong Kong, especially as many people live in small apartments with kitchens not much bigger than a closet. And to make things easy, there are numerous web-based services such as Food By Fone and Dial a Dinner who'll bring a meal to your door. Even the more humble restaurants have a stack of boxes and a guy who'll deliver in response to a phone call – they do a roaring trade at lunchtimes.

For anyone fancying eating al fresco, there is a slight problem in that public seating is sometimes hard to find in Hong Kong. In Central, the roof of the IFC mall is a good spot, while there are shady corners in Kowloon Park in Tsim Sha Tsui.

So whether you want to splash out, at somewhere like Bombay Dreams or simply pick up something cheap and cheerful from the likes of Cafe de Coral or Jaspa's, there's always a restaurant in Hong Kong glad to save on washing dishes and laundering table cloths.



Photo courtesy of Jaspas

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Photo courtesy of Isola

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Bombay Dreams
Photo courtesy of Bombay Dreams

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Tsim Sha Tsui
Photo courtesy of Delaneys

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Classified Cheese Room
Photo courtesy of Classified

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The Flying Pan
Photo courtesy of The Flying Pan

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Cafe de Coral
Photo courtesy of Cafe de Coral

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