10 Best Antique Shops in Hong Kong

Ed Peters

By , Local Expert, Hong Kong
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Antiques add so much to a home or office: a sense of quality, history, refinement, and grace. It's no wonder that people find them hard to resist. If you're the type of person who can't pass by a shop, just wondering what may lie within, you'll relish Hong Kong's bounty. A wide selection of antiques of all vintages, provenances, and places of origin can be found, and 10Best leads you to the top sources. Our editors and readers particularly applaud Arch Angel Antiques, as you will with one glance at the merchandise. It's without a doubt one of Hong Kong's best antique shops. Hong Kong realized the potential of antiques early,...  Read more »

  • 1

    The Red Lantern

    Away from the city, Red Lantern is a relief from the "antiques overload" of Hollywood Road.

    Local Expert Tip: "While only open at weekends and on public holidays, the owners are happy to open by appointment at other times."

  • 2

    Altfield Gallery

    Altfield Gallery boasts an exceptional selection and very knowledgeable staff.

    Local Expert Tip: "As well as looking good, antique maps are judged to be a good investment."

  • 3

    Teresa Coleman Fine Arts

    Teresa Coleman showcases what are very much top of the range textiles.

    Local Expert Tip: "The gallery is open by appointment only."

  • 4

    Honeychurch Antiques

    Honeychurch Antiques is an excellent source of professional and unbiased advice.

    Local Expert Tip: "Few antique shops have been in business in Hong Kong as long as Honeychurch."

  • 5

    Art Treasures Gallery

    Art Treasures Gallery lives up to its name -- it's one of Hollywood Road's standouts.

    Local Expert Tip: "Art Treasure's online gallery is up-to-date and easy to navigate."

  • 6

    Yue Po Chai Antiques

    This is one of the most venerable stores on Hollywood Road.

    Local Expert Tip: "A real Aladdin's Cave; set aside some time to browse in depth here."

  • 7

    Arch Angel Antiques

    More a labor of love than a commercial enterprise, it might seem.

    Local Expert Tip: "Unusually nowadays, Arch Angel has no website. "

  • 8

    CP Ching

    CP Ching has a superb selection of goods, containing a fair few surprises.

    Local Expert Tip: "Some items are not posted on the website, so if you are looking for something specific, call CP Ching to enquire."

  • 9

    Eastern Dreams

    Very few antique shops in Hong Kong do Ming and Qing articles better.

    Local Expert Tip: "The selection of ceramics is especially good."

  • 10

    Elegant Arts Company

    The Elegant Arts Company carries very good range to suit all budgets.

    Local Expert Tip: "Ask to see the jade carvings, which are not always on display."



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