Heyward-Washington House

The home of Thomas Heyward, Jr. – a signer of the Declaration of Independence – was built around 1772 and served as a temporary residence for President Washington in 1791. Part of the estate's appeal is its collection of priceless furniture...  Read More

Rainbow Row
Photo courtesy of Clare Sweeney

One of the most often photographed and painted scenes in Charleston, this stretch of private homes dates to the mid-1700s. The fourteen homes are painted in every color of the rainbow, and although they're not open to the public, they're a not-to-miss sight.

Johns Island

This impressively massive live oak is believed to be more than 1500 years old, having survived many hurricanes earthquakes. The incredible heights stretch up 65 feet, with a trunk 25 feet in circumference, and twisting, crooked limbs that extend...  Read More

HL Hunley Submarine

In February 1864 this Confederate submarine, manually powered by nine men, approached the Union ship Housatonic and set off an explosive charge. As the submarine backed away, the ship sank within a matter of minutes. Unfortunately (and for...  Read More