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The nightlife scene in Clemson, as you might expect, revolves around the ubiquitous college bar. Of course, where those going out in Clemson have an advantage over their peers in larger cities is that a large portion of the town's bar scene is clustered in the downtown area, particularly along College Avenue. Once, beer was the standard rate of fare at most bars – still is at the Sloan Street Tap Room – but today, most places like Tigertown Tavern and TD's offer the full monty. Because they cater to folks who live on student budgets, most of Clemson's watering holes fall into the laidback and casual category, and their prices reflect this as well. You can pick up a pitcher of brew at most places for less than $10, and covers to see live bands are rarely ever more than that. A bit outside of downtown but definitely worth the trip is the world-famous Esso Club, a converted gas station that seems to be everybody's favorite game day meeting place.

- Clemson Expert Joseph K. Hall Jr.