10Best Day Trip: Explore Barcelona's Best Beaches

A quick car or bus ride out of the city takes you to crystal blue water and a gorgeous coastline

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Barcelona Beach — Photo courtesy of UrbanDigger.com

Not only does Barcelona boast incredible beaches in the city itself, but if you head up the coast, you’ll discover beautiful, majestic, clean and SLIGHTLY less inhabited ones.

A great day trip, especially during the summer, is to drive up the Costa Brava and stop at a few towns along the way.

You can take a bus to most of these places but if you want more freedom and the flexibility to ‘beach hop’ then it’s best to rent a car. There are fairly cheap rental companies including EuropeCar and Pepe Car.

If you rent a car consider going to one or a few of the following.

Calella Palafrugell: Just 1.5 hours outside of Barcelona, this gorgeous, beach side town is where the posh Catalan vacation on the weekends from June – October. The town itself is very unassuming and gives way to the most beautiful Mediterranean views. This is a quiet, peaceful town and perfect if you’re looking for a day of rest and relaxation.

Calella Palafrugell — Photo courtesy of Sam Mednick

Tossa Del Mar: A beach town mixed with Roman Ruins if you’re in the mood for history and serenity then this is a great option as well. It’s about an hour outside of the city and not far from Calella Palafrugell. So you can have breakfast at one and lunch at the other.

Begur: About 15 minutes from Calella Palafrugell, sits Begur.  Known for its rocky beaches and breathtaking views, Agua Blava is one of the most recommended places to spend the day (or the night as well). Known for its spectacular beaches on the Costa Brava, Aigua Blava is a must-see if you’re looking for the best of what Barcelona’s coast has to offer.

Casteldefells: Not as far up the coast, Casteldefells is idea if you’re looking to enjoy some water sports. From water skiing, to paddle boarding (stand on a board and paddle – funner than it sounds), to sea-doing and water polo, this is a great place to spend the day and you can easily get there by train so no need to rent a car. 

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Sam tries to escape to Calella Palafrugell and Begur as often as she can during the summer. It's a slice of paradise along the Costa Brava and an excellent day trip or weekend getaway. 

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