Putting together an itinerary for seeing all the best sights this vacation? Perhaps you've got a few hours to kill between business meetings, and want to know the best stuff to see. Either way, our 10Best list should have you covered. While there are always great things to experience, there are typically things you wish you would have passed on as well. Museo Guggenheim Bilbao located in the Airport - Bio area is among our top picks for sightseeing in Bilbao.

6 Teatro Arriaga
CASCO VIEJO. Recalling the design of the Opera House in Paris, this majestic facility is noted for its striking façade and equally lovely interior. A tourist information office is located on the ground floor. METRO: País Vasco (94-435-5100)

5 Pasarela Zubizuri
Located near the Guggenheim, this bridge is quite different from the other bridges in Bilbao, as the structure "bridges" the boundaries of architecture. Enjoy a stroll across the bridge and take in the scenery of the city below. The bridge has a portion of glass along the bottom of the walkway that gives you the sensation of being suspended in and supported by air. METRO: Moyúa

4 Kiosko del Arenal
CASCO VIEJO. The original facility was built in 1923 and underwent extensive reconstruction in 1985. During warm weather, the park hosts numerous open-air concerts. Located in a park across the street from San Nicolas Cathedral in Casco Viejo, near the bridge to the beginning of Gran Via. METRO: Casco Viejo

3 "Puppy" at the Guggenheim Museum
Few sights are as unique as this unusual sculpture that welcomes visitors to the Guggenheim Museum. This topiary in the shape of a massive dog is covered in flowers, which are changed seasonally so that the masterpiece remains in bloom. "Puppy" is a landmark of pride for locals. METRO: Moyúa (94-435-9080)

2 Metro Moyúa
While a Metro might not seem a likely sightseeing attraction, the innovative architecture and design of this striking facility is most impressive. The system was built to follow the Guggenheim and incorporate the city into the theme. Designed by Norman Foster, the system is relatively new and boasts a contemporary motif. Unlike most metros, the metro stops offer a glimpse of the city while entering, thanks to its transparent shell. METRO: Moyúa

1 Museo Guggenheim Bilbao
ADANDOIBARRA. The Museo Guggenheim, which opened in 1997, is one of the highly recommended stops in Bilbao. This most informative museum is housed in a monolithic building, which is worth seeing just for its unusually designed exterior. The audio-tour starts off your journey through architect Frank Gehry's glass and limestone masterpiece with an odd request — it asks you to run your fingers along the museum's walls. Aside from the extraordinary modern art on exhibit here, the museum also offers a gift shop and a nouveau restaurant. METRO: Moyúa (94-435-9080)

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