Best Stockholm Attractions

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    Gamla Stan

    Made mostly by Stadsholmen Island and its surround islets, Gamla Stan is one of the oldest sections of Stockholm, Sweden, dating all the way back to 1252;...

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    Archipelago Cruise Tour

    Though not obvious on most maps, the southern region of Sweden is essentially one large archipelago. Within city limits, Stockholm itself is 33% water,...

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    The Royal Palace

    Consisting of several different royal buildings the Stockholm Royal Palace is where the monarchs of Sweden used to reign over the Scandinavian kingdom. The...

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    ABBA The Museum

    Being on of the few, if only, Swedish bands that American's regard as a household name, ABBA is widely regarded as one of Sweden's most widely recognized...

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    Skansen Open-air Museum

    The Skansen Open-Air Museum is more than just a museum, it's a trip back in time. The museum takes up most of the island of Djurgården and the islanders...

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    Stockholm Metro Art

    Perhaps one of the greatest free art galleries in Sweden, nearly 90% of Stockholm Metro stations are decked out in local and international art pieces...

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    Gröna Lunds Tivoli

    The largest amusement park in Sweden, Gröna Lunds Tivoli offers some of the world's tallest and biggest rides. The park was opened in 1883 and has since...

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    City Hall

    Nordic architecture is unique to Scandinavian countries and Stockholm City Hall has all the hallmarks of the one of a kind style: towing height, imposing...

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    Drottningholm Palace

    The current residence of the Swedish royal family, Drittningholm Palace is home not only to traditions and history, but beautiful art and sculptures as...

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Local Expert Attraction Recommendations

Local Expert Attraction Recommendations