Best Stockholm Restaurants

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    8. Sjögräs

    Roughly 15 minutes on foot from Stadsg?rden cruise port lies Sjögräs, one of Stockholm's most popular restaurant and bar which serves French cuisine with a Swedish spin. The three-level venue is a classy place...

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    7. SMAK

    Literally meaning "taste" in Swedish, this is one of the most inventive restaurants in Stockholm and is situated under a 10-minute drive from Stadsg?rden cruise port. Flavor is the absolute theme here. The venue puts...

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    6. Sturehof

    The century-old restaurant is the place to see and be seen at the affluent Stureplan. It is under a 15-minute drive from both Värtahamnen and Frihamnen cruise port. Founded in 1897, the classic brasserie provides a...

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    5. Rosendals Garden Café

    An open air cafe like none other in Scandinavia, Rosendals Garden Cafe produces most of its ingredients on location and their menus change almost every day depending on harvest times and crop output. Rosendals also...

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    4. Grill

    This stylish restaurant is exactly what you'd expect from a city who's known for its cold and dark winter: delicious meat in a cozy environment. A muster roll of game, ranging from venison to beef to fish, is...

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    3. Prinsen

    Founded in 1897, Prinsen is the regular haunt of Stockholm's artistic community — the bohemian restaurant even features in Swedish literature, poetry and paintings. You're likely to see people scribbling in...

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    2. Riche

    Almost across the street from Prinsen is Riche, with an altogether different vibe. While Prinsen epitomizes laid-back comfort, Riche is constantly buzzing with the latest music, gossip and laughter. Originally...

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    1. Brännvin

    Many guests are lured by the brännvin, or aquavit, of which there are over 40 varieties offered. But it's the food that really deserves attention. The concept here is "A Taste of Sweden." Traditional fare is served...

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