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In recent years, the Swedes’ interest in cooking and fine dining has grown considerably. This country produces more cookbooks per capita than anywhere in the world, with a new one published every day. Stockholm has over 1500 restaurants, six of them with Michelin stars: Bon Lloc, Mistral, Lux, F12, Operakällaren and Wedholms Fisk. Edsbacka krog, an inn gracing the Stockholm suburb of Sollentuna, is the only Swedish restaurant to win two stars. For food lovers, or those who want to make the extra effort, a visit to these restaurants does require extra planning, or travel. “Husmanskost” – basic, traditional food, such as meatballs with lingonberries, sausages, beef with egg yolk and mashed potatoes – never goes out of style and can be sampled in restaurants like Prinsen and Tranan. Stockholm’s restaurants don’t bother with dress codes, with the exception of the “no trainers” policy of many nightclubs. In other words, there’s no need to bring a suit or an elegant dress, although Stockholmers generally dress quite smartly. Most bars and restaurants accept all major credit cards. As of June 2005, the city’s bars, pubs, cafés, hotels and restaurants have been strictly non-smoking.