Historic Sites

Mabry – Hazen House

As the headquarters for both the Union and Confederate forces, this grand mansion played an important role on both sides during the Civil War. Thousands of rare heirlooms and memorabilia that span more than 150 years of Knoxville history are...  Read More

Ramsey House Plantation

This two-story Georgian-style home, which was built for Colonel Francis Alexander Ramsey, was the center of social, political, and religious life in Knoxville at the turn of the 19th century. Completed in 1797, the Ramsey House was the first...  Read More

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World's Fair Park
Photo courtesy of Amber Nolan

Knoxville was the host of the 1982 World's Fair. Decades later, the area where the fair was held is still a top draw for visitors. Attractions include The Candy Factory, a conglomeration of Victorian homes hosting arts and crafts shops, and Fort...  Read More

Armstrong – Lockett House (Crescent Bend)

This mansion, known as the Armstrong-Lockett House, is a magnificent home built in 1834 and positioned as a centerpiece on 600 acres of rolling Tennessee land between the river and the mountains. Painstakingly restored in 1977, the interior is...  Read More

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Blount Mansion

This mansion, which was built in 1792 and completed in 1830, served as governor William Blount's residence. Blount was the Governor of the Southwest Territory from 1790-1796, a signer of the United States Constitution, and the first United...  Read More

Confederate Memorial Hall (Bleak House)

Confederate Memorial Hall, also known as the Bleak House, is a 15 room antebellum mansion that was used as General Longstreet's headquarters during the Union Army's siege of the city in 1863, shortly before the war ended.

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James White Fort

James White was the founder of Knoxville, and his original home from 1782, still stands. Visitors can relive the historical periods that this proud home still reflects. Period furniture, tools, and memorabilia can be viewed and touched for an...  Read More