Jefferson Davis Park

Established in 1930, Jefferson Davis Park was named for the venerable Civil War figure and is located near Mud Island. Devote some time to walk or jog around the park and enjoy the scenery. As you pass through, take note of several Civil War...  Read More

Named for a courageous citizen who rescued 32 people when a steamer went down in the Mississippi in 1925, this park runs along the same mighty river. It hosts a variety of activities throughout the year and offers pleasant routes for joggers and walkers.

Taking advantage of an island that sprang up in the Mississippi in the early 20th century, this park offers a variety of attractions. Among them are the Mississippi River Museum, which tracks both the river's development and the culture and...  Read More

Overlooking the Mississippi River, this park is a quiet oasis. It also shelters a memorial to Confederates who fought in the Civil War. Views are great from this vantage point, especially sunsets.

Memphis Botanic Garden
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With almost 100 acres of gardens set in the middle of East Memphis, there's something for any lover of the outdoors at MBG, including the serenity of a Japanese garden, a huge herb garden and a sensory garden. But the MBG's newest – and...  Read More

Court Square

Tall shade trees and a fountain grace this green space that's known as the city's oldest park. Stroll the grounds to invigorate yourself, and take in many of the plaques and markers designating historic events. On a more modern note, the park...  Read More

Audubon Park

Audubon Park offers residents and visitors a chance to enjoy some "green." The park features a variety of recreational facilities, including tennis courts, a playground, a soccer field, picnic tables, a golf course and jogging trails. Park...  Read More

This open concourse hosts a variety of big-name attractions such as the Memphis Zoo, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art and Memphis College of Art. In addition, it offers sports opportunities that include trails, a small golf course, a soccer field and tennis courts.