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Austin Is Known for...

Five of Austin's most unique features and characteristics.

Keeping it "Weird"

The "Keep Austin Weird" slogan reaches far beyond a marketing campaign. Austin is the self-proclaimed "live music capital of the world" and the people of Austin reflect a friendly, accepting culture of artistic and individual expression that maintains the city as a vibrant and eclectic creative center. “Keep Austin Weird” is the mom and pop shop down the road, but it’s also the hippie with pet chickens. In a mostly conservative state, Austin is "Weird" because it continues to be that blue spot on a big red map. "Keep Austin Weird" moves beyond a mere slogan, to reflect the dynamics that encompass Austin.

Breakfast Tacos

Austin can’t claim taco primacy, but when it comes to breakfast tacos, Austin is king. The breakfast taco to Austin is the bagel to Miami. There are hundreds and hundreds of venues in Austin in which to buy a breakfast taco, but it would be rare to find any two alike. The gas station taco is completely different than the taco trailer’s, which is different from the taco stand’s.  It’s the cross-pollination of cultures between Texas and our neighbors to the south. Breakfast tacos for dinner?  Sure, why not?

Food Trailers

Los Angeles and New York City can have their food trucks,...  

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About Austin


A bastion of progressive thought amid Texas conservatism, Austin is not only the state's capital but is also a city made intriguing by its mix of government, university, culture and counterculture. Texas's fourth-largest city, Austin boasts a booming economy and an enviable quality of life, and its residents seek to make the seat of Travis County a reckoning force in technology, environmental concerns and music, to name but a few.

Austin grew from a small settlement dating to the 1830s, which got an immense boost in prestige when it was chosen as the home base for the Republic of Texas. The settlement on the Colorado River ultimately chose its name to honor Stephen F. Austin, the "Father of Texas," who embarked on a long struggle with Spanish and Mexican authorities before finally succeeding in bringing American settlers to populate the new territory. Numerous Austin historic sites tell the story of this city's early days.

While traveling in Austin, you will see that it is distinguished by a gorgeous, attention-grabbing Capitol building, the lovely flagship campus of the University of Texas system, and an independent civic spirit that strives to cultivate what's worthy and distinctive. As proof of such...  Read more »